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  1. Stewart was great player for us, but does he have the physical attributes to play in the current team ? Pace was never one of his strong points and while he is no Cameron, he is not exactly the biggest guy.
  2. Hopefully he can come back - more actual defending with us than at the OF and I don’t think we have had someone in the PFA ‘Team of the Year’ for a while.
  3. I think Partick, Ayr and Queens will all have hangovers from last years campaign. The team going down doesn’t always bounce back up, so I’d have them as 50/50 to be Champions. With them it will be Morton and Dunfermline. Injuries and sheer luck will determine the winner. Arbroath have had their Leicester moment and I think they will be down. Shame, but they have had a good run.
  4. Agree with all the sentiments. He could be a real asset as player/coach for some lower level teams. And us.
  5. Clubs like us need local hero’s. Camny may not be the best player ever, but if he was he would have been long gone. Good for the PR and can cover both fullback positions.
  6. Dick would be fun. His Arbroath team are hard to beat, and that might be a better strategy for is in the top league, rather than trying to play silky football.
  7. If we are going to make an out of the box appointment again, then I imagine that they will at least be considering a female manager. The PR boost would be incredible as would the sponsorship opportunities. Being the first major UK club to go down that route would probably give us the chance to pick one of the worlds top female coaches. It’s going to happen at some point, so why not us first ?
  8. It’s an event, the culmination of a whole season. Watching at home or in the local does not make it special enough for many. Going there, even without a ticket, and being part of a larger group makes it something.
  9. Queens will keep this tight, as I presume we will. There is no point in losing the game in the first 15 mins and we have been vulnerable to set pieces. My guess is that they will sit back, keep the game disjointed, hope for a set play goal and if it’s 0-0 with 15 mins to go, then they will go for all out attack. First goal will obviously set the tone for the game and I think it needs to come from us. If it does get to 0-0 with little time left, I can see us panicking. Do we bring Cammy back for this 1 ? Mulligan has been sent off a few times this season and do we risk him ?
  10. Can’t believe it’s 9 years since I was sitting watching the game in Holland when the connection went down 5 minutes before the end and I missed that save. 7:45 = 4:45 am the most important parts of Auz and I can’t decide on wether to have an all nighter or get to bed early followed by an early rise. Probably the latter. The way the season has gone I think we are destined to meet QOS in a winner takes all game, but I’m hoping the results go out way. My guess is that we’ll lose on Friday after hitting the post/bar 3 or 4 times and getting a man sent off. We’ll then go the QOS and blow them away with 3 goals in a magic 2nd half. If we can go up and keep a few of the kids, then the future will be bright.
  11. Fantastic result. Like a number of others, I was there in 84 when we last beat them. 2 from Mo and a screamer from Kenny, but it’s the performances from Jim Bett and Stevie Nichol that I remember as the real standouts. Worth pointing out though that the next home game was a 1-0 defeat from Wales that was every bit as bad as the Spain game was good. Lets hope we keep our feet on the ground and keep the momentum going.
  12. Someone mentioned Dougie Imrie earlier, and that might be a gamble worth taking. His Morton team are horrible to play against and even if you go down, he should be able to put together a reasonable squad for the season after.
  13. Mistakes are the best way to learn, so the McPake of today would be a much better manager for us than the one we had. If he is smart he should skip any attention from Motherwell and stay where he is. We may not think much of Dunfermline, but they are potentially a premier league club, as are Falkirk, and he should get the promotion first and then look around. I imagine the finances of Scottish football are such that the difference between the 2 jobs is it not life changing.
  14. I would be surprised if Sheridan goes. While he should not be starting games, he does have the ability to come on give defenders problems. With 3 forward players having left the squad, we need 1 or 2 quality replacements. I know a lot of people are wanting new defenders and midfielders, but a Peter McDonald style finisher, who puts away some of the chances we create, has to be the priority.
  15. If Partick, Morton, Queens or Ayr really think they can go up, then offering McMullen a pre contract deal would be a smart play. It’s happened to us before - Hamilton signed Derek Lyle on a PCA when we were competing with them for promotion in the 07-08 season. As others have said, McMullen is playing well and is the Maradona of the Scottish Championship, but I don’t think any of us are sure he will be that effective if we get back to the Premier League. We need him this season though and the benefits of promotion more than pay for a new 2 year contract (with the 2nd year being optional)
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