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  1. Sounds like a repeat of last season. We’ve been over this before.Its down to Mr Dods whether it’s players or tactics.we all hoped for the better.up till now ............
  2. We’ve started really well. The cup games are not pre season and I think we’ve approached them in the right way. Looking decent
  3. Not making tonight but a great start,mon the City
  4. Absolutely spot on,Jacko is a great player but surely we have to draw a line. Maybe Dods n co have got it sorted. We lacked a striker all last season surely that’s not happening again?
  5. Tapping did do well the no. 4 did pretty good to.here’s hoping
  6. Still hurting over last season me thinks. But what’s been posted recently is what’s needed. The club is where it is because a lot of people give up a lot of time and long may it continue.
  7. Not surprised I said all last season he was not good enough. Bailey brought him in on decent money so obviously he had to play to cover the fact they had made a mistake leading to us not being able to take the chances ( not that many) to have maybe helped us to win one game
  8. Don’t want to b on the downward thinking but Dods shouldn’t be in a job on saying that he is and we need to back him.now it will be up to Ken n co to deal with it appropriately.
  9. Players took cuts last season while some were on very good wages so I’m led to believe
  10. I think Finn ended up getting p o y etc and a few m o m so must have done something right but you are correct in saying he won’t be hard to replace like most of the squad
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