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  1. Is anyone reading anything into the good morning insta post from the club this morning? Looks a bit like what they did in the summer
  2. Funnily enough I’ve thought for a week or so that he’ll end up there. Whilst I’d like to keep him, IF we were to get Strapp, Dick would be a back up left footed centre back which would potentially neglect the need for Dan. 3 goals and an assist within short a timeframe makes him appealing for all potential suitors.
  3. We all dream of a team full of Vaughan’s but sadly he’s one of a kind.
  4. Surprised someone supporting either side hasn’t mentioned the amount of times Dunfermline players hit the deck requiring the game to be stopped. The ref completely lost control of it. Pars players also pulling shirts at every opportunity. I’m not bias and admit they deserved to win but it made it all the sweeter!
  5. I do think were guilty of under valuing our younger players. Having seen Mitchell & Arnott, they’ve both during albeit opportunities to impressed at championship/league 1 level. Whilst I’m keen to see both get the game time they need, I’d like to see them at higher levels than what both are at. I thought this last season and to see them both still in league 2 and lowland league respectively isn’t closing the gap when it comes to the competition they’re to be up against if they play for us in the future. I’m well aware that my point requires other clubs to want the lads but i’d be surprised if there weren’t teams like Annan, Stirling & Montrose interested.
  6. FFP have announced that we’ve been granted planning permission for the external cladding, solar panels and LED screen. Will be interesting to see when work will commence!
  7. Always thought similar but would prefer our own take on this..
  8. Definitely not saying either Corr or Masson should be regular starters but Masson proved last season that’s he’s adequate at least at this level and Corr featured at the same level if not higher than Hendry did before joining us. Why have them on the books if we’re not willing to give them a go. Fed up of the doom and gloom in recent weeks on here. Were less than 48 hrs away from competitive football and the bookies have us better odds than than the pars at present. Would we love our full team assembled by now? Of course! However I doubt their is a team in the country that still has business to do. Its not for the lack of trying and I’d rather wait a week or 2 to get the right player(s) rather than quickly taking whats there at the moment.
  9. With the new kit(s) to be announced surely this week, does anyone have any ITK hints as to what it looks like?
  10. Can see why RaithTV suggested Montrose would be doing their own TV. Absolutely ridiculous pricing to watch a friendly. Would almost grudge paying that at the gate for a friendly.
  11. Fair however Watson is younger than Berra was and I suspect given he’s previously played at RB in his early years, was blessed with more pace than Berra. Whilst he may not be as quick as he wasn’t, doesn’t mean he still can’t get about.
  12. I’ve not looked too much into it but i’d be surprised if that’s the case that there would be much use of it at the weekend. Surely they would be ways to accommodate fans and generate more revenue for the club or SSP.
  13. A thing i’ve seen a few times in different posts is people talking about home fans being in the north stand. The traditionalist in me is against it but i can see the benefits; close to the hub (once built), quicker exit after the games etc. It got me thinking about a few other things if this were to happen… could we switch dugouts? Goodwin made the change at Aberdeen so he could be nearer the linesman to get in his ear and potentially give them an edge. Could a new club shop be located in the hub if we were to switch sides?
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