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  1. Not a great recommendation. They have been a basket case for years and massively underachieved because they have had no stability off the field.
  2. Think we are doing quite well on that one are we not ?
  3. That is the reality for Clubs like us and has been for decades - think Ted McMinn, Andy Thomson and good Cup draws over the years. It doesn't mean " incompetent business management" just reflects the fact we are a small club with a small fan base compared to others. This Board have delivered additional revenue streams from the Arena and multi use of the playing surface. If that wasn't there then we would really be in trouble.
  4. How do you know that is not the case ? That's the hope I am clinging to .
  5. Andy Murray on his current struggles ; "The only way to find solutions to win matches. It can also be played out in training, working on your game, but what happens in training doesn't always translate into a match. "In 2016, when I finished world number 1, my coach told me that I had maybe won two or three training sets during the whole year. This year, I won almost all of them and I can't win a single match! You have to perform in competition, that's the only thing that counts." Could Bartley take anything from that ?
  6. How do we know they haven't ? They will have regular meetings as all Clubs/Managers do. Agree completely about making top 4. Unless we undergo a complete transformation and produce attacking/winning performances, it's not going to happen and whilst we all want that to happen it seems highly unlikely under this Manager and his approach thus far. In a way I get when he says , like a lot of Managers, judge me at the end of the season. However, where we finish is determined by where and what we are doing now - a dangerous, arrogant approach given our record so far. I would have preferred him to be gone already but understand the potential financial implications for the Club so it looks like he will be here to season end. Even if by some miracle we made top 4 I would still want rid given his attitude and approach to the job. He is remote from reality and the Club and its supporters. My hope is that there is some performance clause in his contract re. making top 4 and that failure to do so will mean a much cheaper option for the Board to sack him at end of season.
  7. Spot on. That's all he talks about. Never any mention of the impact on fans experience or the understandable reluctance of people to spend money to watch what is on offer It is really concerning to see several posters on here expressing their feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration and approaching apathy. Completely understandable but he doesn't seem to get it. I have been going long enough to realise - and have witnessed before - that QOS will always have spells similar to this but this seems one of the worst, although bizarrley we are not far off 4th which I think is what he hangs on to. The other side is though, that matters to fans, is our disastrous Home form. Only 3 wins against the bottom two is dreadful. Never any mention of that from Bartley, no reference made yesterday , in an interview that was complete waffle , of yet another 3 points lost at Home. That is what drives people away. I cannot see any positives from his tenure - poor recruitment, lack of communication, inneffective coaching - he might think he is doing the right things - but it doesn't come through in performance or more importantly in results. Poor man management and deployment of talented forward thinking players who seem bound by defensive duties. Whenever did JR or Ted McMinn have to be focussed on defending. You play them to entertain, create and score goals. I could go on but just want to point out that I am not attending games at the moment - for reasons other than those mentioned - some might say that is a blessing in disguise - but I have family and friends who do who keep me informed as well as my following folks thoughts on here. Even if we were to make top 4- which I strongly doubt - I think Bartley should go at season end, preferably before. He has demonstrated he is not the right man to take us forward nor provide a style and approach that is attractive for people to watch.
  8. Wasn't there today but was at the 1st Accies (H). That's exactly what they did then. So management learned nothing from that and seems precious 'game plan' allowed them to repeat their dominance today. So it goes on and on.
  9. He did indeed say that and also that it lacked experience and was unbalanced ! He has exceeded all that. One thing he has stuck to though is - and alarm bells sounded for me then - was that Lewis Gibson was playing too much and needed protected.
  10. That's a good point. I can't recall him commenting much on forward play. Of course, Managers will tell you that the foundation for winning games is not conceding - not very good at that either - but that needs to be allied with a ' game plan ' for creating chances too. We have creative players that seem stifled , even in our own league. Regarding strikers coach, Derek Lyle as Player / Coach for remainder of season - at least - would be ideal. He is very good with younger players from what I have heard. A bit like the Cup - Tie, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being more expansive. Let's go 2 up front, especially at Home. Lyle and Reilly together would score more goals than any other current option we have ! Usually, I don't agree with Boards interfering in playing matters but I think they should at this time and tell the Manager to provide a more entertaining approach to try and arrest decline in attendances. If Bartley doesn't like it then he can consider his position. Win/Win if he goes of his own accord.
  11. It's not difficult to work out the answer to your question in the context of the game.
  12. So did Emilio Jaconelli for our Reserves. Cue clamour for 1st team start. Could not replicate that to any degree. All about levels I guess.
  13. McKay and Gibson benched ? Tactical or carrying knocks - again ?
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