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  1. Yeah they were doing a photo shoot outside Somerset yesterday with a bunch of old duffers in the new tops.
  2. So you can buy a 5 year ST but the club haven't advertised it and it is not a clearly visible option when going to buy a ST. Very strange behaviour tbh. Maybe it is an achievement you can only unlock once you've levelled up.
  3. Home tops for next season are getting unpacked in the shop the now. Mostly just white with feint thin grey stripes vertically and a black v shaped neck
  4. Not sure about McHugh, def got technical ability but at times it's like he's in a different time zone and a yard off the pace. Not sure if it's a fitness thing or he just zones out for patches during a game.
  5. They're determined to drag out this munter of a season till the very end, aren't they?
  6. We were well on track for at least a point here but decided to self implode again.
  7. Dismal defending. 4 Ayr players in a semi circle around the scorer
  8. In serious need of a bit of composure on and off the ball.
  9. Shame as we looked like we could grab a goal but understandably trying to hold out now with those subs.
  10. Bit lucky that wasn't another red there for McHugh.
  11. Got it back on scottish championship 2 raith v partick. Quite likely we've all got the same set up.
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