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  1. Result from today West of Scotland Cup 5th round Glynhill Moorcroft 2 - 3 Oban Saints
  2. Quarter Final draw (6th Round) Saturday 19th February Glynhill Moorcroft AFC (SAFL) or Oban Saints AFC (CSAFL) vs Shortlees AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Ardeer West Recreation AFC (Ayrshire AFA) vs Houston United AFC (GGPAFL) Glasgow Harp AFC (CALE) vs St. Patrick's FP AFC (CSAFL) or Castlemilk BC AFC (SAFL) Tarbolton AFC (Ayrshire AFA) vs Bannockburn AFC (CSAFL)
  3. 5th Round games still to be played: Saturday 5th February Glynhill Moorcroft AFC (SAFL) vs Oban Saints AFC (CSAFL) Saturday 12th February St. Patrick's FP AFC (CSAFL) vs Castlemilk BC AFC (SAFL)
  4. Next week (22nd) they are playing a mixture of 3rd, 4th and 5th round games: Round 3 Giffnock North AAC AFC (CALE) vs Glenburn Miners Welfare AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Round 4 Eastfield AFC (CSAFL) vs Shortlees AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Round 5 Ardeer West Recreation AFC (Ayrshire AFA) vs East Dunbartonshire AFC (SSMAFL) 1 Glasgow Harp AFC (CALE) vs Arthurlie FC Amateurs (SAFL) Houston United AFC (GGPAFL) vs Calderglen AFC (GGPAFL) Tarbolton AFC (Ayrshire AFA) vs Dailly AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Wishaw HSFP AFC (CSAFL) vs Bannockburn AFC (CSAFL)
  5. There were some more 4th round games played Sat 15th: Campsie Minerva AFC (CSAFL) 2 Dailly AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 2 ET P: 3 : 4 Uddingston Anvil AFC (CSAFL) 0 Oban Saints AFC (CSAFL) 2 Viewfield Rovers AFC (GGPAFL) 0 Bannockburn AFC (CSAFL) 0 ET: 0 : 0 P: 4 : 5 Wishaw Wycombe Wanerders AFC (CALE) 1 Ardeer West Recreation AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 2
  6. Glasgow Times round up from the third round: https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19700731.kappa-sport-scottish-amateur-cup-round-three-round-up/?ref=twtrec
  7. Well done South Lochaber Thistle. I believe this game was a replay... "Despite winning in Extra Time in the Scottish Cup against Glasgow Wellington the cup committee have informed us that we will have to replay the game. Despite both teams management agreeing to play extra time to go with the referees wishes and playing the game to a finish, the opposing side lodged a complaint with the committee resulting in the game being replayed." I guess rules are rules. Good to see South Lochaber Thistle get through in the end.
  8. Results for the 2nd round in here... https://www.scottishamateurfa.co.uk/district_result/cup_id/11
  9. Third round draw here... https://www.scottishamateurfa.co.uk/newsdetail/ID/671
  10. A round up of last Saturday's second round games in the Glasgow Times... https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19622951.scottish-amateur-cup-second-round-ties-throw-number-high-scoring-contests/?ref=twtrec Results in full... https://www.scottishamateurfa.co.uk/result/cup_id/4
  11. Results from last weekend https://www.scottishamateurfa.co.uk/district_result/cup_id/11
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