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  1. Do we have the money to pay Hopkin out of his contract? think we gave him a 2 year deal, he needs to go before we lose fans
  2. Heard it was mcallister that was positive but reading and maxwell haven’t had 2nd jag so both had to isolate
  3. Best - shankland but shout out to hurst and Teale Worst - junior mendes should have been good signing but didn’t score
  4. Says live but won’t come up when u hit live video?
  5. My phone notified it was a goal before it stopped stuttering Shambles
  6. I’ve paid and logged in anyone else got this screen?
  7. Valentine's Day Massacre: Flashback to the Ayrshire derby classic https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/ayr-united-2-kilmarnock-0-21802247 Couldn’t believe it was 22 years ago [emoji15]
  8. Was a good player for us but so frustrating at times, too inconsistent
  9. I was there for Scottish cup game 1999-2000 4-3 Neil Tarrant and Gary teale got 2 goals each
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