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  1. Also the kind of planning that leaves you with the dregs of who hasn't found a club come the middle of June.
  2. I'm almost of a different opinion that Annan barely avoided the drop and they'll no doubt get a few picked up by Murphy at QoS to weaken them more. I'd fancy us more than last year because we almost had a whole new team - there was no set formation, no set playing style, and we've ironed that out over the year. Do think it's another 5 way fight between Cove, Arbroath, QoS ourselves... and the inevitable surprise package whichever one will step up. Although Arbroath are my gut pick because Callum Gallagher scores goals - I'd have loved him at Alloa. I'm going to boldly write off Montrose. They're another year older and I felt were very threadbare by the end of the season. Although they've bucked my predictions before they're too reliant on Blair Lyons. I'm not sure Kelty will be stronger, and unsure about Dumbarton and Stenny because I don't think League 2 form translates at all. ICT is next season's basket case. Unless someone foreign comes in to buy them I can't see how they will succeed while off the field is so wild.
  3. Congratulations on your promotion to the premiership. Sorry for hogging all the titles.
  4. I'm hoping to get it dusted off so I can have a holiday
  5. The majority of our squad will be confirmed this week. Planning the roundup on Friday as it stands.
  6. Every pitch going is 3G. 4G ditches the rubber crumb but no 4G pitch has been approved by FIFA.
  7. Whoever wins this deserves promotion. Both of them going hammer and tongs for the win, composure out of the window. It's a shame the fresh premiership team usually come in and successfully land a knockout blow on the winded finalist.
  8. Colour me surprised a referee doesn't have the bottle to give a penalty after possibly having three denied for us against Hamilton.
  9. Well this game is doing my 'if we beat Hamilton, we'll win the final' prediction a fair amount of weight.
  10. You'll smell one eventually with the rate they are proliferating. Absolutely stinking to be beside.
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