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  1. Airdrie 1-2 Dundee Utd Arbroath 1-2 Queen's Park Dunfermline 1-1 Inverness Morton 1-1 Raith Partick 3-1 Ayr
  2. If we don't win, away we go. The fear is I remember Arbroath knackering our season last season at Ochilview.
  3. Well deserved. I think he is massively underrated on here after one dismal showing at Airdrie and total humiliation by Veldman. He has performed well since coming back into the team and I think he has a promising future.
  4. He is getting there but if we remain in the Championship I want to see what he does to improve our lot.
  5. I think it fanciful to suggest opposition in the Championship might shape their team around whether Dom Thomas is in or out. We would normally have an up to speed replacement but sadly for several reasons we don't.
  6. I have a sinking feeling following Davidson's post match interview that we may not see Thomas again this season.
  7. Inverness 2-2 Raith Arbroath 1-2 Morton Dundee Utd 4-0 Ayr Dunfermline 2-1 Queen's Park Thistle 1-1 Airdrie
  8. I agree, but why are the interviewers not asking the question of both Davidson and Thomas? Are they barred from doing so? It seems to me to be the No 1 issue at the moment. As a fan I think I am entitled to relevant information from the club. It is run like an Eastern Bloc country at the moment.
  9. Davidson's lack of imagination and passion is worrying. Why can't he see that Thomson must be moved forward. He had the opportunity today with Fox and Bannon available to to this and move Turner forward. The minute McKinstry and then Mauchin came on it was all over. That was utterly pathetic to watch a team playing at home for survival looking like mid Div1 outfit at best. Welsh is careless and has lost his mojo and even Wilson was not up for it today. Sheridan is a character but not the answer. Ah well, back to Cove. I cannot see us picking up any more points this season unless Thomas makes a miraculous return. It would be good if the club could be honest with us and tell us the current state of affairs with him.
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