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  1. I bought myself a Brownings 'Tartan Army Pie' for my dinner tonight. It's more stinking than the result against Germany. F***in Honkin. No pie should taste that bad.
  2. This is magnificent stuff this Thoroughly enjoying a new signing every other day, the wee man is definitely excited for the season coming. Long gone are the days of scraping the barrel for signings, looking at the lower leagues for players or indeed, in Dryhorce's case, looking at tall northern Irish players Winning the league? I've not got that amount of confidence yet. Giving Celtic a hard time at Somerset? 100% belief
  3. Scotland were okay goalkeeper wise when there was the likes of McGregor, Gordon and Marshall to chose from All of which are around 40 now. I honestly couldn't think of another Scottish goalkeeper Goalkeeper that could be thrown into the current international mix Agreed, Ralston and Porteous aren't international standard at all. Though you could debate a few others in that squad as well. Taylor for example I'd rather Paddy Reading.... It's a shame as Scotland has a good amount of players that could potentially make the step up, though Clarke has stuck with more or less the same team for years.
  4. The Scotland Goalkeeper problem annoys me. If I was asked before kick off, who I'd have in nets, I'd have said Gunn. He looked like he had a case of stage fright. Craig Gordon was awful for his 45 minutes against Finland (his last game for Scotland ) and Zander Clark has always looked abysmal. What Scotland need is a goalkeeping coach like Timmins
  5. Don't curse that. I was hoping he'd be gone and played his last game. Not even his own team players like him.
  6. Neither did I. Not happy about it, however, I guess it is money at the end of the day. The more I think into this, the more I get annoyed. Worst thing that could happen now is a statement that Somerset Boab will be performing his new song in front of this crowd.
  7. I actually have the problem of not knowing what side of the old firm I hate the most both equally full of sectarian shite. Though Ayr have obviously had more meetings with Sevco in recent years, swaying me in that direction. Though not keen on Celtic either. I remember the Ayr Vs Team formerly known as Rangers at Somerset in what....2003? Amaruso spat on James Grady. I remember it being the first time that I had ever been in the away end, as they had let the blue and white sheep into the home end, as it held a bigger crowd. Felt very odd watching your home team in the away end at home Think It was 0-1 final score. Stewart Kean missed the biggest sitter I've ever seen and I've held that grudge. Would there be a possibility of doing that? Swapping ends?
  8. I've bought tickets for the boy and I against That lot. Just to be clear, I hate both sides of the old firm, passionately. However.....I'm an Ayr United fan and my boy is too. I'm going to the ground of my home team to support them regardless of the opposition. Taking the Somerset road end away from Ayr fans should be considered a crime imo. It's worse when you consider that you'd be filling it with green and white sheep, merely for a pre season friendly. The signings made so far have been great. Scott Brown certainly looks like he's gonna bring together a team to compete next season. I'd be more concerned with fitness and giving the boys a run around, than trying to defeat one of the Glasgow uglies for shits and giggles. Regardless of the money Ayr could potentially receive if the SRE was green and white temporarily....... That's Ayr fan territory. Taking that away from Ayr fans who religiously stand there week in, week out, would be embarrassing imo. It is what it is. A pre season *friendly* and should be treated as such.
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