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  1. I went to the Ayr united Vs Man United xi and saw Paul pogba etc That was wow for me, aged 21. Didn't John Traynor have his testimonial against Newcastle United? 97? 98? Honestly, I love the idea of Ayr taking on teams that have spent millions on players and giving them a good bash .
  2. One of them didn't for a small period, unfortunately the SFA brought it back under a different name. Apparently we can't do without in Scotland I'd rather follow my local team than that shower of sheep.
  3. Teehee! Ridgers Honestly, I didn't see the Inverness game going any other way. Did think East Kilbride would have done better against Stranraer. Does this mean that Akheem Rose will come back to the first team at Ayr or what?
  4. I can't understand why Amartey isn't getting starts, honestly the game changed when he came on yesterday. Tomlinson for McGinty was an odd one for me Stood for photos at the end with the wee man. Was told Dowds, Albinson and McGinty were away, though it was from a teenage boy, so pinch of salt obviously.
  5. Oaft! Freddos for 5p, The Beano for 30p, bag of wotsits 10p, pint of beer £1. What the f*ck has happend over the years? Folks just got greedy? £1 would have bought you enough sweets to make you puke. I remember one of the cafe vans in the Sre did a hotdog for a quid can't remember when though.
  6. I've got to ask When I was a boy, i went to Somerset and got thrown over the turnstile. It was £10 per adult or £5 per child (unless they were small enough to get thrown over the turnstile.) What were the walk in prices when everyone was younger? My first game was in 1998, so £10 entry was not bad (I presume)
  7. Ah, You could argue that McGinty improved a lot under Bullen. I was a hater originally. With Bullen gone now, it'll be good watching to see how Sanders turns out under Brown if he is signed permanently.
  8. I'm sorry for your loss. Your Granda sounds like a legend 5-0 on your first game? Sounds like he was a very proud Granda that day
  9. If we were rebuilding the team for next season, Teale of Arbroath looked not too bad today. I believe he's on loan from Fleetwood? Scott brown link there? (I don't know) I think he'd do well with a older, wiser defender next to him such as McGinty, like Kirk did last season (he came from Arsenal, a much bigger team)...... (That and I'd love to have Teale on the back of my Ayr shirt again, with reason )
  10. Should definitely have a collage of all of these pictures put together. Like one of the 'Lots of smaller pictures makes a bigger picture' idea.
  11. This can only be a good thing and possibly the potential of a few under 21 players at Ayr Worked with Daniel Harvie, Doohan, McKenna etc....
  12. The striker position has been a hard one to fill for a few seasons now though. Ayr really Lucked out on Akinyemi. We had Adeloye on trial and he did well enough to get a contract, he's went on to Partick and seems to be doing okay. Muhammadu Faal was on trial in those games too, seems to be scoring quite a lot of goals in the league Akinyemi came from (However, looked like Bambi on ice iirc) The sad thing is now, we don't have the Moff. Finding another Moff is an impossible task. I honestly think Ayr would be higher up the league if we had the Moff of five years ago.
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