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  1. yes, I agree, if I am honest; when first I heard that he was coming, overwhelming underwhelming, was my reaction, yet another mediocre incumbent for the St Mirren job............and we have had many of them; however, I stand corrected, and gladly so as he has shown clearly he has a talent and the charisma to do the job and to do it well, like others I find the outburst with the fan confirmation that he gives a damn.
  2. Mr Martindale has just gone up in my estimation even more, integrity is rare trait in fitba
  3. This was a man for whom I really hadn't got a lot of time, due mainly to all of the negative sh*t about him that I read online, however ......my bad.......... because having listened to the man speaking about a variety of subjects/people, I have revised my opinion and concluded that I was clearly in the wrong, he comes across as a salt of the earth type guy, not the most eloquent speaker perhaps, but no dummy either and for sure he knows about fitba, so my apologies Mr Martindale.
  4. well, I hope my feelings are way off the mark, will be glad to eat humble pie, agree entirely about Langfield who was a decent goalie but seems to be somewhat of a maestro as a coach.
  5. I really would be pleased to be proven wrong, not going to debate why my views are what they are as I just posted a reply to Hendo, and you will no doubt read that, but I will challenge you on where is the relevance in the era that each player played/ plays in? My concern isn't style, it's talent/ability and producing a consistent performance week in and week out, has no relevance to when they played.
  6. I appreciate your points, but let me explain why he reminds me of Scrimigour. I used to attend virtually every game home and away, even reserve matches way back then and so got to see a lot of our ginger-haired goalie , who in my honest opinion was a good keeper occasionally, an okay keeper mostly, and a f**king disaster from time to time, unfortunately Hemming has replicated all three of these traits so far. I appreciate he may settle down and become a steady eddy, we just have to wait and see.
  7. he has NOT been good he has been ok, he might have done reasonably well, but certainly not good, he is a goalkeeper, he is meant to be capable and he is that, just about in my opinion, reminds me of Scrimigor
  8. purely the keeper's fault, all he had to do was catch the ball above the attacker's head....................should have been easy, got reservations about Hemming
  9. killie played a good game, Mr. McKinnes is nobody's fool
  10. no way EVER should a goalkeeper be outjumped by an attacker......................the clue is in the arms
  11. yes, agree about Gogic, we should name him AFG, Ales FU**ING Gogic
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