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  1. I immediately thought that but then to be fair I am on the Gold Coast and they are more common that bikes here. No one would bat an eyelid at an Ultra on a surfboard atop a crowd.
  2. Admittedly I only see the highlights but from what I have seen the quality of opposition in League One has dropped quite a bit. I thought in the recent match v Stirling Albion they looked like possibly the worst team I'd ever seen defensively, yet they get a big win last weekend. I have to temper this with the fact I only see the FFC games and we have been very good in this league this season - therefore can make the opposition look pish,.But from what I see half of this league we are in is pretty dung, best get out of it then.
  3. Bad news bud, Saturday is the 16th - apart from here in Oz where it is the 17th as we are the in future baby.
  4. I actually mostly agree. I like to read about the FSS , boardroom shenanigans, potential ownerships, club infrastructure, the academy & transfer talk. I have no interest in people's opinions on players, tactics and matches , I also scroll past them - I can watch the games and make up my own mind and I rarely if ever go on the match thread. While I don't condone bullying, and I don't think it was, what is equally dull is HSW's one man crusade against the council and him digging up the same points that have already been dealt with umpteen times. He's more repetitive than anyone on here.
  5. Don't be daft , there's no age limit to football shirts - you wear what you want. Full kit w*nker is another thing however. The new shirt is awesome, I'm a big fan of no sponsor. If anyone is passing Australia, can you grab me one please.
  6. What hasn't been mentioned is the hundreds of thousands we received each season from the sale of players from our golden age of youth players and also clever add on clauses which produced significant revenue ongoing. The legacy of THAT decision by you know who is that this cash injection each year has petered out and completely disappeared as we were stuck with journey men with no sell on value. I know I keep banging on about it but it was the biggest single act of vandalism on our club in our history and we are now feeling the real effects of it. You just have to look at what Hamilton have pulled in recently to see the money we are missing out on. Hopefully we are on the rod back to bringing in decent sums of money on the youth we are now once again investing in.
  7. This gladdens my heart. Not just that the lad has come through tough times to make his senior debut but also that we are now seeing academy players start to break into the first team again. It feels like we are getting a big part of our identity back after Campbell & Lang destroyed it overnight one Christmas. Well done everyone involved in running FFC now.
  8. I reckon the posts from the last 2 pages indicate that this currently is not a "Great time to be a Bairn". Wining L1 will be an achievement considering we are now relevant to the league but with a slightly higher standard of player than most teams in it. I won't be jumping for joy, I will just breathe a huge sense of relief when we get out of it. Winning L1 would be the us on the road back where we should be. I'm sorry I subscribe to the "we shouldn't be in it in the first place pish". I look at clubs like St Mirren and Motherwell , how well they are doing in the Premier and truly believe they are no bigger clubs than us......so why not us (spoiler - see last sentence for the answer) ? A club of our stature should at the very least be competing in the Champo to win it, not languishing in Div 3 - and I think most of us know this. Football is indeed played out on the pitch and we have no divine right to be successful, but the destiny of a club can also be decided in the boardroom and we are where we are due to a catalogue of disasters and mismanagement by successive past Boards (not this current one thankfully.).
  9. No, you were saying (last season) we should be playing with a sweeper. Pretty sure outside of pub football (and even then I doubt it) there won't be many teams playing with a sweeper due to something called the offside rule. Not sure which "direction" you are going on about other than the dark ages, and no amount of "flexibility" will involve a sweeper. I could be wrong though and you could be a trailblazer - the new Pep.
  10. You were talking about us playing with a sweeper as recently as last season LOL!
  11. You won't believe me but I actually thought of the same song, 2days ago - somewhat randomly as I didn't even get the Navy link. I just thought it was a good song..haha! Didn't post it of course.... always the bridesmaid never the bride.
  12. I'm sure we had Ultras before......Il Ladross or something , they had a snakes & ladders flag and an aversion to Michael Higdon. Very sinister.
  13. Surely "Wake Up" would be the Arcade Fire song. That intro is gladiatorial! U2 used to walk on to it.
  14. No, all player contracts are identical. Sometimes it's on nicer paper.
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