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  1. Cross over the road to where Ladbrokes is from the bus station and get the Number 3. Get off at Altens across from the Burger King and there is a sign pointing you in the right direction through the Shell garage. If you like walking it’s about 45 mins with a pleasant start along the river if you cut through Union Square. Get a bit hilly but I used to enjoy it with a stop at the Wellington for a pint just before the top Of the hill.
  2. And that’s the depressing reality of where we are. Yeah if you want to buy a hat or a scarf it’s £5 postage to a mail order part of a sports shop. I travel down to Prestwick with work most weeks and used to nip into Greaves not just to look at the Cove ‘aisle’ but the place a actually a throwback to the halcyon days of Rosalyn Sports or Simpsons. Why stock 2 types of snooker chalk when you can have 17. This season they don’t even display the Cove stuff. OK very few folk would buy it but it used to make me feel proud we had a rail in a city centre sports shop in Glasgow, next to the Torino reserves third goalkeepers shorts section. It’s a reflection of how the novelty has worn off.
  3. I didn’t see it personally but I heard it was embarrassing and will no doubt be brushed over. If Hartley thought that was a good performance then he really needs to consider a change of career. I’m all for a bit of banter but he seems to have totally taken what a pensioner said to him out of context and had to be held back by the coaching staff which is about the only ingenuity they have showed all day. Man that was a grim watch and I really feel for anyone making that journey home as I’ve done a few of those this season and only a bag full of drink would numb the pain of that 4hr plus journey. You were very much robbed. Still not yet jumping on the Hartley out bandwagon but no doubt it’s gathering pace. I’ve got a suspicion the board might be waiting till the end of the season to consider his future anyway, they haven’t exactly backed him in the last transfer window and it’s fairly pointless getting rid of him now, if Fyvie returns to form (glimpses were shown today) then it doesn’t matter who is in charge we have a chance of the playoffs. A new man would be needed to rebuild a squad in the summer tho. Nothing in that coaching team that could step up anyway right now, most wouldn’t get a gig in Sunday league on their own merits.
  4. So as we (Cove) hurtle down the table at a rate of knots can we stop the bleeding and get a result against notorious coupon busting Annan? I guess in our favour we should have Fraser Fyvie back and most of our squad to choose from. Kyle Connell must be in line for a start (I say that every week). We seem to have faired well against Annan this season. I was at the away game and it was tight till half time and Romarn was unplayable that day so it’s fag papers between the sides. 2-2 draw.
  5. That’s exactly how I and others feel. It’s not always a popular line tho, in fact I was challenged about my views a few weeks back in Annan of all places. There seems to be some confusion about what a difference of an opinion is. Mine certainly comes from a place where I’m passionate about the club I support. If some of the things I read about at other clubs were happening off the pitch then I wouldn’t be so concerned but they are not. There has been hardly any progress in building the fan base and I know that takes time but there is hardly anything to encourage young fans to the Balmoral and nothing for families (unless you confuse a mascot for some clown staggering out of the old players lounge at half time after 20 cans of Stella) It’s a huge opportunity lost. The excuse I heard about why the club has no young fan mascot leading the team out each week was bordering on lunacy. It’s just a creeping negligence that becomes a malaise. I see a similar malaise with the dead wood in the coaching set up, often more interested in confrontation with fans when things are not going right and shouting negative stuff from the dugout to the players. Seems all just too comfortable - thats fine when the players are at a level where they can perform to a high standard but it’s not exactly development. No one seems to be challenging them from within. McGowan reflected that negativity on the pitch but it seems to go unchecked too. The party line is that it’s a transition season but a transition to where exactly? More of the same? Another transfer window of scouring the lower leagues of Mordor? I’m not convinced a change of manager is the panacea either but if the on pitch product keeps on getting churned out week after week no matter who your father in law is if you can’t get results in a result driven business then it’s time to move on. It’s no use that we are reliant on one player to change our fortunes. It’s actually not even that bad at times on the park it’s just average like so many other things at the club. If Hartley hasn’t the contacts then get someone recruiting who has. Players have been let to go on loan with no back up plan who seem to be man of the match every other week all of a sudden. Seems convenient. We hear rumours of players attitude but when the attitude inside the club is also rumoured to be questionable then it’s the pot calling the kettle black. When you are getting tanked 4-1 by your nearest opponent who have players on their bench who have played at a higher level and you only have a handful of kids on yours because you let the better ones go out on loan then doesn’t take a genius to work out that’s a dereliction of management at best and negligent at worst. I’ve a feeling it’s the latter and it pains me to critique my own club. Thats three key parts of the operation that are trapped in a malaise that seem fixable to differing degrees but they choose not too or worse still I wonder if they just choose to ignore them a bit like some notable others did and ended up out of the league …. Its not all about what’s happening on the pitch or in corporate it’s about lining all elements of your operation up. You would think experienced O&G men would get that. I hear other folk mention it more and more on the likes of Facebook etc so it’s not just a few of us with the same view. We all know that once a club gets stuck in a rut off and on the pitch then it doesn’t take long to fall quickly and it’s not always connected to money. Often it’s just a case of poor oversight, but hey like I say corporate is sold out for another year so that’s all OK! If things continue like this without some kind of check then it will only be corporates watching games and when they disappear off somewhere else then where will we be? Peterhead almost got sucked into the same fate as many before them but they took radical action in all 3 departments I mentioned above. They invested in their young supporters, started providing something for everyone (not just their corporates) and appointed a well connected young management team who identified players that would stabilise them and push for promotion. They also have a young and progressive management team off the park too. We could learn from them. They have aligned themselves to their community while we have only aligned ourselves to the middle management O&G corporate merry go round. It’s also maybe time for the board to start taking on board some of the fan opinion that doesn’t just agree carte blance with their view of the world.
  6. Really bizarre tactics today. Offensive in the first have and defensive in the second when you go one down. Struggling to find a positive during the journey home and I can’t find a man of the match. I’m actually going to go a bit further. Hartley knew what was needed in the transfer window, it was some kind of creativity through the midfield if Fraser was going to be injured or on the flanks. Not only did he fail on that and seemed quite smug about the business he did, he also let Gallagher go who whose strength is driving forward with the ball. I’m not calling for his head but I’m starting to get a bit bored with poor transfer decisions and I don’t think I’m the only one. I’m also sick of reading that Golding, Mykata or Gallagher are man of the match for other clubs. He needs to recall Gallagher before the mood turns ugly
  7. First time I’ve listened and quite impressed, made a horrendous journey home from Grangemouth quite tolerable. My compadre is more optimistic than I am about Saturday mind you
  8. A round up of how are loanees did yesterday saw Mark Gallagher scoring a decent goal against the Spartans and playing pretty well and the others getting more game time. I’m all for these guys going off to get experience but yesterday against PL opponents we had 4 subs, against Alloa next week we might be down to 3. OK I’m assuming we can recall players but there doesn’t seem much if any forward planning went into all of this.
  9. I thought we did enough to allow us to leave with our heads held high, I thought maybe 1-0 would have been a fairer result but it’s splitting hairs. Watkins I thought was the best player on the park and we struggled everytime he had anything to do with the play. Always thought he never really got a chance at our neighbours. I find the irony that McInnes has built a squad that will challenge for European places given the obsession the sheep have with it is hysterical. Just goes to show that sticking with a manager who has proven ability brings rewards vs chopping and changing every 2 mins. Highlights for us was another strong performance from Burrell who seems to be more than comfortable at the higher level and I wonder if some of the lower SPL clubs watched him yesterday? Connell was decent when he came on but really needs to be starting. Some great saves from Suman, word of him injuring himself to prevent the third goal which is worrying. I also thought Josh Kerr struggled yesterday and hasn’t really shown the promise he did at the start of the season. Highly enjoyable day out, a warm welcome at the Bowling Club!
  10. What’s that got to do with anything? We took 50 to Stirling on Saturday but made more than enough noise to rouse the team on to an equaliser. It’s all relative if we are happy. We couldn’t give a monkeys how many Brora took.
  11. Bit of an escape job for us but I thought everytime we attacked the Stirling defence looked a bit vulnerable. I think most of the 35 travelling support would have settled for a draw although our creativity is really limited at the moment with Fyvie still absent. Positives for us was Sena again having a decent game and Matty Sheils looking a bit more at home. Connell definitely added a bit more creativity when he came on and his dead ball work is better than anything we start with. Ola looked a yard or two off but he will come good I think as his movement was reasonable. Yup all in all a decent result for us.
  12. Have to agree with the 1st scorer thing but I do feel slightly buoyed with the prospect of Matty Shiels bringing something to the table on a position we have been devoid of any creativity all season. One would hope that McGowan will be dropped in favour of Connell with a more attacking formation. McGowan wasn’t awful on Tuesday night but maybe his role going forward is being on the bench. The window was disappointing but I suspect Hartley wanted to avoid taking any punts after the criticism he got in the summer. He was heading for the door in Sept (as were many of our fans) before we went on that run that none of us would have predicted. We are still short in central defence and the bench is threadbare to say the least. We are in big trouble if we get injuries but I guess we can recall players who we desperately need to get game time if they are going to kick on. Im going for a 2-2 draw.
  13. A name I hear being mentioned a few times is Rob Valentino ……
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