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  1. Judging by what Levein is saying in interviews Max and Gallagher etc are doing what he has instructed and he is happy with what they are doing. Its his game plan and so maybe not all on the players.
  2. Our present team / management is not good enough for the Championship let alone the Premier division. We saw that a few months ago when we got cuffed by Stirling Albion. There was hope that the manager knew what he was doing (and he talked the talk) but little has changed - in fact it seems to be worse based on they abilities of the players brought in - now that they are 'up to speed'. Drastic measures need to be taken before we revert back to the era prior to Geoff Brown taking over.
  3. Think that's pretty common with new managers ... until they find out it doesn't work and the cold reality of the situation kicks in. Prospect of relegation, fear of losing their job, criticism in the media, etc etc. Then its back to the latest version of Davidson ball - defend at all cost. Hopefully things work out for him ....
  4. I know there are a few long term injuries but it also makes you wonder about the pre-season training. Are the players keeping themselves fit during the break? (hopefully - they are pros after all) Are they easing into hard training or going all out from the start. With such a small squad you'd think that they would hopefully now be a more individual approach to the fitness side of things. Maybe there is ... or maybe they've cut back on that side of things too?
  5. Davidson's reign seemed to be bogged down with fear - scared of losing goals,, scared of trying different formations, scared of introducing new signings, scared of playing youngsters, etc., and ultimately of losing his job. Hopefully the new manager is brave enough to try different things when needed.
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