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  1. Why might McCabe to Hibs make sense? For Hibs he’s probably a cheaper option than most, and it’s clear they trust him to coach their players since they were so keen to send three players to us on loan. They’d also be getting a young and ambitious manager that favours a positive style of play which helps with getting the fans behind him (if they get an experienced hoofball merchant the fans would turn as soon as results did). He’s also got experience managing us which sets him apart from failed attempts to go for a really young manager in the SPFL (Maloney at Hibs and Cathro at Hearts who had only been coaches/assistants before those jobs). For McCabe he’d be stepping up a division, getting a bigger budget, a bigger wage, and advancing his career. Of course it makes sense. But McCabe must know it takes time to get his team playing the way he wants. We had some horrendous results in the first half of the 22/23 season. You can’t do that at a club that’s sacked four managers in three and a half years. McCabe will leave at some point and I genuinely believe he could go very far in management, but he’s very secure at Airdrie and has a squad he’s coached in the way he wants to play. If Hibs were to come calling it’s not like it would be his one chance to step up, he’ll get plenty of offers over time and he’s still only 31. Personally I can see him staying with us for another season or two then moving to the English Championship or something.
  2. He also posted a picture of him and the club staff out at a karaoke bar with Jackie McNamara but has since deleted it. Can only imagine that McNamara’s maybe requested he took it down to downplay his involvement at the club
  3. I heard he’s going down south. More than happy with Murray Johnson as his replacement if that’s true but I do have concerns with having a loanee as first choice keeper (like him getting recalled because Hibs’ first choice or backup get an injury)
  4. Agree with this list entirely and on that feeling towards McGregor and Watson, happy to keep but can be improved on. Megwa’s maybe a pipe dream but I think we’ll sign Lyall and wouldn’t be surprised if we already have on a pre-contract and just haven’t announced it yet. Hibs will loan Aiken out again after an injury struck season and we’d make the most sense too so I can see him coming back. If we keep all those players and add a bit of quality up top (at least one natural 9 and another that can play off a 9 - i.e. Wilson and Mochrie) and bring in a quality centre back (don’t think it would be on the cards but I think the boy McBeth that plays for Thistle would actually be perfect for us, so someone similar to him ideally) then we’ll be good. My main worry is Hancock as I think he’s probably the one that could have suitors that would be most difficult to replace with someone of the same quality.
  5. You’d think they’d maybe all feel the same but that felt nowhere near as deflating as the loss to Queen’s Park two years ago. Might’ve felt that way if we’d got all the way to the final but better team won on the night imo, just a shame we never got a better result on Tuesday when we were the better side. Hope we can keep the squad together and get Megwa, Lyall and Aiken back for what will be a really open league next season. Neither Livingston or Falkirk will be as good or as bad as Dundee United or Arbroath were and it’s anyone’s guess how the final table will look next season
  6. He wouldn’t sign for us and a lot of our fans wouldn’t be happy with it. But I think it would be a laugh, so I’m voting yes.
  7. When I started going to the games regularly it was the 2002-03 season and I was 6 years old. Vareille was far and away my favourite player and I don’t think anyone came close until Prunty. I think Gow was probably the best player we had in that era, and obviously Coyle was great even if not what he once was. I think what makes Gallagher stand out compared to good strikers we’ve had since that period is not just the longevity but also the progress that both he and the club made during his time. And in fairness, I think Gallagher last season had as good a season as Andy Ryan or Allan Russell had in the same division for us. Both him and Fordyce are club legends as much as the guys from my childhood imo.
  8. Impossible to say really when I’ve only watched one of the teams every week. I’d say the Airdrie players that should be considered are Megwa, Fordyce, Hancock and Telfer. Based only on the games I’ve seen Anton Dowds is Pele so he’d in too.
  9. I remember when Leon McCann left us for Falkirk he stated one of the reasons he was keen on the move was that they were fully full time so there was no nighttime training. Far from the biggest contributing factor for players choosing a club to sign for but feels like a step in the right direction given where the club are right now. Gallagher’s been great for us and I’ve always been a fan, but continuing the hybrid model for one part time player who never starts obviously wasn’t going to make sense. Wish him all the best at Arbroath. I’m excited by the prospect of next season. Obviously promotion would be exciting but if we miss out and keep hold of McCabe and all our best players (and have this season’s additional income to add to the squad) it could be a very good season.
  10. Serious question (although maybe I’m getting carried away): who was the last player we had with the cult hero status amongst the fanbase that Todorov has at the moment?
  11. No idea how the officials bottled the decision after that brawl in the box. A Morton player on top of Hancock with hands at his neck and somehow we get three bookings and they get two because some of our boys had the audacity to drag the man off him. Atrocious decision. As for Morton more generally, what an embarrassing shambles of a team. Biggest hammer throwers we’ve played all season and crap at football too. One of our best performances of the season imo.
  12. Obviously we probably do lack the squad depth compared to other teams but I was actually thinking last night about how much better our depth is now than it’s been for years. The rotation we’ve had for midweek games recently would have been unthinkable for us in past seasons and Arbroath must have been jealous that we were able to bring guys like Telfer, Frizz, McGill and Gallagher on from the bench.
  13. Thought Michael Stewart was out of order on commentary after that McMaster challenge. Definite red card and Scott Brown had every right to be angry about the tackle and the referee’s decision, but Stewart as an impartial commentator spending the last 10 minutes of the match repeatedly calling a young laddie a coward left a bad taste in my mouth.
  14. It’s wild isn’t it? A couple of results can be the difference between 9th and 4th which can then mean ending up back in League One or in the Premiership. The difference between facing Stirling Albion and Stenhousemuir or Rangers and Celtic. I’ll be honest, after being in playoff finals every year I was kind of looking forward to the prospect of a break from them. Obviously I’ll be delighted if we finish in the top 4, but it’d be nice to have a relaxing end to the season.
  15. Frizz got away with that one imo, don’t think there was any malice in it but if we had VAR he’d be off. Lovely ball from McStravick down the wing for the goal, think he’s having a very good game.
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