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  1. So why are you complaining about the signing? The board made a decision based on what was best for the club and I think we can all move on now. You can't tell people to back to board on one hand and then complain about their decision the next.
  2. Or because pie and bovril forum is a toxic echo chamber.
  3. Overall we've somehow ended up having a decent season (touch wood we don't collapse). We have a lot to be happy about at the moment. Do we want to get behind the team, Danny etc and who knows with a couple of good results, maybe push for a play off or do we want to sit around arguing about one signing? I'll be there backing every player in a Clyde shirt on Saturday and every game home and away. Let's focus on what we agree with at the club and not what we disagree on, FTJ.
  4. OK then let's respect the boards decision and move on.
  5. That's an even worse take, so it's not even the civil case you base it on, just the accusation then?
  6. Then you should have called for an owners vote, but you didn't and now we're suppose to assume how many were or against it?
  7. Couldn't be more wrong. Over 50 people alone on the owners forum voted for his return. Zero people in the Glasgow branch group on FB have said they are against it. Everyone I've spoke to are in favour. The minority is Pie & Bovril, not the fans at games still singing his name, not the owners forums and not GB.
  8. "On balance of probability" yeah that's so much better isn't it.
  9. Would you be happy with one of your family members having their entire life ruined based on nothing but probability? Wouldn't you want a jury of their peers to decide? Well that's what goodie wanted and didn't get.
  10. What's funny is I suggested an official vote on the owners forum and twitter, interestingly it was only those who didn't want Goodie back that said it shouldn't be fans decision. Well they aren't saying that now.
  11. I didn't miss it but it contradicts the taxi drivers account. "She's couldn't give consent" Yet she told the taxi driver she was fine to go in the house and wanted to go into the house.
  12. You're getting angry at a fact? It's not my fault you don't understand the law. It's also not a minor detail, it's the basis for him being called a rapist and this whole circus. Yet they removed all protections given to those accused, which are in place to ensure people get a fair trial.
  13. We've just let a sponsor decide who we buy. Owners voted on the forum and it was in favour of a return. The glasgow branch with 250 members were behind the sponsors push for a return. Danny lennon wanted his return. The players wanted his return. This was far more than just a sponsor.
  14. I don't think you can blame any clyde player for wanting full time football and a better wage. Would refuse to take Mitchell back if he became available? The punishment is he isn't making nearly the same amount he would have been or playing at the level his ability deserves.
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