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  1. the 8/8 vote was for the colts staying this season.the chair used the casting vote.
  2. you don't need new teams to change rules.anyone of the present clubs can propose a change with a secondary team agreeing then it would go to a vote.
  3. Why.?surely any money coming to the league is good.
  4. right you all need to get this in your head.the old firm dont have as much power as you think.the power is held by the spfl as a whole.the pyramid revue that was promised by the sfa can happen anytime its just a audit into themselfs,by them selfs Maxwell never put a timescale on it.the colts will not be in next season that includes hearts.
  5. the agreement was for one more season this one.most or all clubs who I've spoken to will definitely say no for another one regardless of any topping up of money
  6. the rules cannot be changed.unless the pyramid leagues agree at the start of each season to do so, if one League says no then thats it
  7. have you been hiding under a stone.there can be no object as the 4 parties who make up the pyramid all agreed to this.
  8. yes that was pointed to them at the time.but i was impressed by their desire for something new.just like i was with kelty and most of the east region clubs we met at a open night.
  9. look am not looking to fall out with anyone about this.i attended a eos meeting which Clydebank fc attended they were the only team to do so from the west.they produced a letter from the sjfa which threatened them with expulsion from the ground share they had at the time.Kelty received a similar letter stating they would be fined for not fulfilling fixtures if they joined the eos.no other teams from the west or east region made inquiries about joining at that time even those that were licensed.the east teams moved once bonnyrigg left.dont really think movement will happen anytime soon this will just drag on.i also suspect the sfa will tighten up entry level licencesing to make it harder for clubs.
  10. the s.f.a. are powerless in advocating increasing the spfl or opening more promotion.thats the spfl's gift,and thats just not going to happen anytime soon.spfl 1 and 2 vote as a block and always have done some chairman in these leagues are looking to halt promotion from tier 5 for a couple of seasons. as for clubs in the west i forgot about pollock.but definitely no team from the sos wishes to be promoted. there are a few ideas about what the model for reconstruction should look like it seems everybody and their dog has a plan but all the leagues need to embrace it not the sfa sjfa or eosa along with the sosa. i stand by my post i dont think the west or sos league teams are fully behind leaving thier safe havens
  11. as somebody's already said a LL 2 would just cause a further bottle neck. as it stands the model being used is not perfect but its working 4 teams promoted the spfl and 4 teams relegated to tier 5 in 8 years 3 promoted teams are now spfl 1 clubs.before that clubs had to go through a voting system by the spfl clubs. now just because the clubs in the west have finally joined everyone wants to change the system there's only 2 clubs in there that actually want to progress Darvel and Clydebank imo.the rest want to stay in a safe haven.the ex junior clubs really want to stay playing each other big factor is this is the derbies which bring in big revenues and they get to play in the big Scottish and junior cup.
  12. look totally agree with most points posted here. easier promotion would solve a lot but you can't keep using LL promotion/relegation as a stick to hit them with.spfl 2 clubs need to vote for no play-off theres 4 ex spfl clubs who have struggled to regain promotion back up the others fear the same could happen to them. no sos club wishes to come up threave resigned from the LL one factor for joining the west was they'll keep in the Scottish but will not be subject to promotion playoff.
  13. its all very well saying do this do that.there's one mighty big stumbling block,the 4 parties that makeup the pyramid would all have to agree thats the rule,cant see that happening.10 years ago i sat on the NPG for the eos and any talk of trying to get the junior clubs on board was shot down from the start,on one occasion their rep left the room.there has to be a compromise agreement struck between the west of scotland and south.imo no south club wishes to join the LL. also not that convinced some of the west teams want to either.their happy playing in their own area's.
  14. sorry newky that was the doo'cot now closed altogether
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