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  1. Credit to those who are trying to make things happen. The Buffs Foundation is a great idea but I suspect subscriber numbers will have dropped alongside paying supporters.
  2. A victory but that didn’t inspire confidence. I wonder how much gate revenue has been lost since we were in the Premier Division as the last few home league matches have shown a noticeably small support.
  3. A must-win match on Saturday. Absolutely no doubt about it.
  4. Aitkens poor routine is definitely being found out now. Comes across as a bit of a knob on most occasions in my opinion. I wasn’t blown away by his appointment as he accomplished an unbeaten run with a team who, being honest, should have been on an unbeaten run and then got the sack. As our previous Manager found out, once you start having a go at the supporters (as he did a few weeks ago when he mentioned hearing “bad shouts”) things very rarely go to plan thereafter. In the same interview he talked about giving the player in question “all the support” and then replaced him for the next match. A fresh face required for next season.
  5. I noticed in the post-match interview that this has been the first time Aitken alluded to us maybe not getting promoted. He looked really deflated (he “doesn’t get too down”, though) when he spoke. Very little from the sidelines except the occasional “f**k sake” which isn’t exactly inspiring. He took East Kilbride on a run of unbeaten matches, then got the bullet. It wouldn’t surprise me if his attitude was a contributing factor in that.
  6. Results like those particularly over the past fortnight and throughout the season are why I have been reluctant to embrace any conversation mentioning promotion. Tools downed against the so-called “weaker” teams. Our Manager can deflect and talk of performances of officials all he likes but starting Ben Lewis at right back today was yet another bizarre decision. Don’t worry though, he’ll “take the criticism.”
  7. A brilliant win today but I still think promotion is a tough ask. The damage has been done with results earlier in the season plus failure to pick up a lot of points over the festive period. I’m just simply not convinced that the squad is good enough.
  8. It was his birthday yesterday so possibly away for the weekend. I can only guess Keiren Wood was carrying a knock for him to be benched.
  9. All the good work done in our last outing completely ruined this afternoon. Shocked but not overly surprised.
  10. Forgotten man Dario Nimmo completes transfer to Ardeer Thistle. Nothing from us regarding this but confirmed by his new club.
  11. Any update from Saltcoats Victoria as to the current state of the club?
  12. Programmes haven’t been issued in years, I’m afraid.
  13. I doubt it. There hasn’t been a programme for years.
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