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  1. There must be a lot of people in here very excited by Dylan Corr starting tonight
  2. It’s a weird one because if you’d told us as a fanbase at the beginning of the season that we’d finish second without any further context, you’d better believe we’d have bitten your hand off for it. But knowing where we’ve been at times this season and not capitalised on it, it’s totally understandable that folk are going to be disappointed or even annoyed because if we had, we’d have a chance to be decently clear at the top of the table. So aye, after last season’s abject disappointment, finishing second is of course a hell of an achievement. But you can’t blame folk for wondering what could have been if only we’d been able to beat Airdrie at least once…
  3. Lee Ashcroft injured within his first 45 minutes…oh no.
  4. Anyone else a little surprised big Dunc got Championship manager of the month over Murray?
  5. Stewards just stood and watched as the smoke bombs were let off.
  6. Fucking hell. Smoke bombs were bad enough but breaking seats does nobody any favours. p***ks.
  7. Have posted this on Twitter as well but no harm in asking here too. My tickets for Sunday are South stand B27, D28 and D29. Trying to track down the person with the ticket for D27 to see if they’d be willing to swap. Anyone?
  8. Well that’s pretty pish as draws go. Can’t see a repeat of Nadé’s tap in to win a few years ago but you just never know. Hopefully get a good amount of £ for it
  9. Ayr or Falkirk/Darvel at home. Definitely not either of the Ugly Sisters or Inverness.
  10. Missed a penalty against Chelsea in the FA cup but otherwise seems to be doing reasonably well and seems to be liked by the Plymouth supporters.
  11. Jesus - how much money are they willing to chuck at getting out of the Championship?! Killie will be in trouble if they don’t go back up this season from what they’re spending you’d think?
  12. Time to start putting pressure on the club if there’s even an iota of truth in this and let them know that we don’t want this rapist POS anywhere near our club and that as a fan base, we will *not* have it.
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