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  1. Remember last season when everyone on here was discussing the South stand falling down and putting forward their plans for a new magical stadium in Thornton for some reason? Best just wait until some news comes officially from the club rather than having a meltdown over some rumours.
  2. Your definition of "doing fine" is very different to mine.
  3. I'm hoping that Derek Adams loses the plot so much that he feels the need to recall Turner.
  4. Murray said in the post match interview we've not been ruthless enough up front. We had 3 shots on target today and scored 2...
  5. I don't even think it's a centre back we desperately need. Millen and Dick are 2 of the worst full backs in the league. It should've been a Dick reduction in the summer instead of an extension.
  6. Potter has managed to secure 3 sizes of moonboot for after the game so everyone will be fine
  7. Murray needs to tell Jamilton, Easton and especially Vaughan to stop throwing themselves to ground constantly. It's infuriating, especially when we're chasing a game.
  8. Is there any reason why the club is so secretive over injuries? Watson has been a couple of weeks away for about 3 months
  9. No normal and self respecting Scottish person would ever carry and display a union flag. That flag only exists in this country as a symbol of oppression and to insight political tension. The only "Scottish" people who would ever associate themselves with a union flag are royalist tories and bigoted Rangers fans. That's why that flag in particular is extremely annoying to see at Starks Park or any stadium that isn't ibrox.
  10. MacDonald was a good shot stopper but was glued to his line for corners, didn't command his box and his kicking was horrendous at times. Majority of keepers have those weaknesses, especially at this level. Big Kev has similar strengths and weaknesses to MacDonald but is young and will improve. If he was good at everything he wouldn't be playing lower league Scottish football.
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