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  1. Excellent signing and really happy with it , as said if this is the level we can expect then we can really push on . still looked a class apart at wee kev's testimonial
  2. we have signed calum waters but don't spill it on here please  .

  3. I think it is just back to training on saturday morning . with 1 new face at least .
  4. would be a shoe in for the departing coulson ..................... maybe !
  5. two poor teams to be fair to him , but i think in the right setup he could be handy
  6. As has been said before we will be extremely lucky get a batch of loan players as good as we had last season, but we will see .
  7. could be , i am sure killie hold us in high regard for bringing on youngsters .
  8. season ticket is the way then , feel for anyone who can't afford that though £20 ! is a lot for some to just turn up , cue the moans from away fans too , if it means a league winning side i am all for it personally .
  9. when lewis gets back from holiday i think there wll be a few announcements
  10. “I have not had one message or phone call from the club, but I am not sure if my agent has spoke to them and you would think he would know what his agent is up to though ?
  11. Is anyone else annoyed that the beano's got more cash than us ? the price of failure ....
  12. Take your first five picks ,swap them with the last five picks ,take the middle 5 jumble them up turn them around swap even numbers with odd and there you have my prediction .
  13. the playoff defeat at hamilton ranks as my worst game of the season , forgettable day for many reasons personally .
  14. yeah the cove game was good in that we secured the playoffs maybe should have been in there with mine the last minute winner up there would have been too but i didnt make it that day .
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