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  1. I have no idea what you mean , Alloa are my "big team" .
  2. Does he have Ghost town by the specials ?
  3. Might want to be his own man again , but that's my take , he may be much happier where he is he never seemed to like taking any flak and happy being in the background .
  4. Hope he recovers well , it did look bad but never imagined it would be that bad , best wishes to him .
  5. Ah now there is a name "Brian rice" if you manage to punt your present incumbent he might be tempted as you guys are full time seriously as printer said he has an eye for a good player and could do a job for you ?
  6. Only downside on the day for me was the poor (in number ) away support , the lads that turned up were in good voice and the banter was as always quite funny , we deserve better than that for the way the team have been playing . the home support not surprisingly was poor given who they are Etc . meanwhile.... Caption competition with apologies to D Glencross
  7. It does seem almost too good to be true, but its all on merit, if /when we do go down it will be hard to take after that , shoutout to Kurtis roberts aborted take off goal celebrations as well , trying and winning the crazy celebration stakes so far ( See Taylor steven at Annan ) .,
  8. Ah so thats what happened , Damn you Rice , glad he got him back then , i was aware of another injury to jon as we spoke to him in Abington services after the first Annan game
  9. Yes , i was a wee bit upset when we heard he was leaving pre season , glad he changed his mind aparently getting an op to mend the injury ? such a genuine guy to talk to and he seems to love the club like we do . he seems to have been around here for a lot longer like wee kev .
  10. Expected a draw today but 5 wins on the trot I'll take it, Accies really are disappointment they remind me of Fawkirk a couple of seasons back Andy must be cock a hoop with this months results and well done to the team for thier attitude and commitment, the run in will be quite interesting but we have a brilliant chance to finish well in the top four .
  11. Falkirk fan's hoping we win and make the inevitable league win sooner , i think there is still a nervousness among them that comes with being in L1 for too long
  12. they really need to play this next home game .... get it done Lewis !
  13. With Alloa's rise to third the new top three positions have been issued by the SPFL in image form
  14. I don't think St Johnstone will be letting him go anywhere after these performances unless of course they are given an offer they can't refuse
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