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  1. Is that not just the minimum amount we would (hopefully) get, re UEFA rules. Could get more
  2. You just did. Ok, maybe I was a bit harsh, and for that I apologise. However, we are club on the up over the last few years (since fan ownership) and I see no reason why we won’t be in this position again. I’m not saying we will be in Europe next year, hell, we might not even be top 6, as I think it’ll be a much stronger league this year. But is it not just good business to have a system in place that’s fairer than the random draw we’ve just had. As for SMISA, I am a member, not particularly active, but I believe in fan ownership. I do not consider myself better than anyone else because of this, in fact, there are many fans more deserving of a scarce ticket than me, because they go every week, home and away and I don’t. I was gutted not to be successful in the ballot, as I said in a previous post, but these situations will hopefully be more frequent in the future and we should have a fairer system for ticket allocation than what is currently in place.
  3. So, basically you’re saying we’re just a jumped up wee team, who should know our place and not have any aspirations of becoming something bigger. Glad you’re not involved in running the club. I bet you laughed at Tony when he said we should be a top6 team and going on away trips to Europe. Surely we should be looking to put something in place for this situation happening again, even if it isn’t needed very often. Would that not just be good planning.
  4. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to work out a points based system based on how many games you buy through the website. And yes, I know that some clubs have PATG, but at least it would be fairer than what we’ve just had
  5. I’ll take any single ticket for Valur that’s going (Norman no mates)
  6. I agree that it’s rare to have this issue, but it’s now an issue. I’m a season ticket holder and go to as many home and away games as I can. I’m also a SMISA member (although, not active). I’ve booked time off and hotels for our (possibly once in a lifetime, for me) European adventure, and will be absolutely gutted if I don’t get a ticket. So maybe ticket allocation is something that should have been thought about before now. We’ve known for some time that we were going to qualify and it’s a shame that it’s been left to the last minute to sort out. Anyway, it’s too late for this year to change anything, but definitely should be looked at for the future. IMO some sort of points based system including SMISA membership and home/away game purchase history would be good.
  7. Quite glad they realised their mistake and quickly rectified it. I just wish the politicians could do the same.
  8. I left on 90 min (which I never do) cos I had somewhere to be. I remember saying to the neighbour that we wouldn’t score if we had another 90 to play!! Regrets…….. I think I’ll take that one to the grave
  9. The Xmas / New Year fixtures also look pretty good. Mostly at home (a chance to do last minute shopping instead of Dingwall in the snow). Killie away on the 2nd . Celtic on the telly (probably) and no mad dash Xmas eve/ Hogmanay travel
  10. So do I, but I think the league will be stronger than it was last season. United are back up. Surely at least one of Hibs and Aberdeen will push for top 6 and Killie were a lot more consistent than us last season. So if we get top 6 again, never mind Europe, it will be some achievement. I’m predicting the fakes and county will be scrapping about at the bottom, but apart from that, we could finish anywhere. We’ve got a decent squad, but we need consistency.
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