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  1. Some of our fans were too quick to judge him in his debut at Montrose. Okay, we lost, but I thought he showed some real potential in that game. Couldn’t say the same about big Dec though!
  2. That’ll be Ryan Jack incoming then as his replacement, or will he be off to Tannadeechee?
  3. No, don’t even think about it. Total bomb scare of a defender. He’s clearly suited to Hibs.
  4. (iirc) After Goodwin had a run of ‘easy’ games to put points on the board, Robbo joined the club when the fixtures were more difficult. When the results didn’t come, he ‘blamed’ the players, saying it would take time to get his own players in (obviously) and faced a backlash from players and fans alike. Given that man-management was seen as one of his strengths, it was no surprise that a number of our fans were very concerned, especially after the Stubbs debacle. Thankfully, he quickly realised the error of his ways and, after some reflection, has become a better manager and a genuinely good guy. In Robbo we trust!
  5. Totally agree with this. Toxic Thomson’s statement is embarrassing. According to him, he was responsible for anything positive, but the negative stuff was down to everyone else (the Clyde fans). What a joke.
  6. You can sign up for the Herald’s free (no paywall) weekly St Mirren newsletter. Some good stuff in these. Worth every penny
  7. That was my point. Wasn’t sure if you missed him out on purpose. Not sure what he brings to the team when Davie is in charge of everything. Nice guy, can be hilarious (for the wrong reasons) in post match interviews, and has a good reputation as a coach, but he might not be required now.
  8. Hope it goes well for big Jon in his new role. Top bloke and he’ll always be a legend in Paisley for ‘that’ goal against the Jambos. You get to keep his song too. Win, win.
  9. I fail to see how a ban on artificial pitches in our top division affects Falkirk. Maybe they should focus on staying in the Championship this season and not get ahead of themselves after finally managing to get out of Division one?
  10. …but who would want to live in Aberdeen and NOT be playing in Europe?
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