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  1. Got exactly what we deserved from that game. The apathy of our team in the 2nd half was so visible to see. Can't wait to hear the excuses in the post match interviews
  2. That's it Murray. Panic stations with 10 minutes left and throw everyone on. Fuckin absolutely shat the bed here.
  3. Aye, that looks like a Dabrowski effort at catching a cross...
  4. There isn't a chance. It would be logical and one thing I've learned from watching IM as Rovers manager is that he'd rather shoehorn a CM into a wide role than use logic
  5. No chance is he pushing LV10 out left. It'll be Turner who is on the left side of that.
  6. Positives from last night: Gained points on Partick and Dundee United Clean Sheet for the first time in what seems like an eternity Unbeaten in 3 Negatives: Struggled to breakdown Morton with no real creativity when route 1 to Hamilton wasn't working Fringe players lacking confidence - Connolly, Smith, Turner, Easton all have the ability to be much better but really struggled again last night Another failure to capitilise fully on Uniteds slip 7 points from 9 is something I'd have bitten your hand off for before the Utd game so I'm happy with how the last 3 games have been overall. I thought we were lucky to escape with a point last night, Morton had a few chances to snatch that and while they may have some physical elements in their team, our players have been soft against that all season. I think anyone expecting us to go and gub Arbroath on Friday needs to check that a little. 6-0 pumping at QP means they'll be right up for this in front of their own fans. Nothing is more dangerous than a wounded animal and Arbroath are certainly wounded. Hoping we can keep the good run of recent form going. Ultimately, 11 games left and the league is in our own hands. If we win all 11 remaining, we lift a trophy. I'm not saying it's gonna happen but the fact that we are masters of our own destiny at this stage of the season despite the last couple of months is a miracle in itself. Whatever happens, it's been a helluva first season for the village idiots and long may it continue!
  7. Guessing it's 5 loans domestically that's the limit. I was looking at some squads with 7 or 8 loans in and thinking we'd be ok but forgot there was a domestic limit. Ah well, we make do with what we have.
  8. IM said that best case scenario we were looking at 3-4 weeks and worst case, it would be end of season so they need to wait on the scan results to know for sure. Hopefully we get those back soon so that if it is longer term, there is still a day or two to get someone in if available
  9. My bad, whoever was wearing 10 which I assume was Wotherspoon then.
  10. Utd were very good at having Docherty or Sibbald double up on Rudden or Hamilton so they struggled in the air. The only time I noticed this change was when Matthews first came on and immediately went for Sibbald to get him away from Hamilton... who then won the header as it was 1v1 with Graham. I would love to see Rudden and Hamilton play together at some point. Ruddens movement causes problems for the defence and Hamilton is constantly winning balls in the air with no-one to run in behind etc.
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