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  1. Yes but not every club can afford it. So as it stands I can come out my work on a Saturday at 12 noon and be at any WOSL Premier ground for the kick-off. What a bummer!
  2. Andy was a spud from Lugar. Went on to win a few trophies in his time.
  3. Darvel's parks a midden after spending a fortune on it. Hurlford were bankrolled a few years ago and paid top dollar to players. The money has gone but a shrewd manager and hard working committee have managed to keep the team in the top division Anyway the thread is about Darvel and we are taking the thread in a different direction.
  4. As a supporter for well on 50+ years, recently the drama's of the money backed clubs that have appeared over the last 25 years always have the same outcome. Two of the most famous examples are now languishing in league one after their day in the sun and I have a feeling Darvel are going the same way. To me their rise to the top just like the other two incumbents was way too quick. To me cash hasn't ruined our game it's the way it's spent. Clubs are too eager to line players pockets rather than invest in the infrastructure or to promote the younger talent. I have no dislike for Darvel as a club, but the shenanigans of certain people over the last few seasons was well out of order and has damaged relations with other clubs. I honestly feel that the Legend knows what's around the corner, he's a proud supporter who has seen the same amount of cash backed clubs as I have gone down the plug hole.
  5. They gave Talbot tickets that no doubt were numbered. Where's the problem.
  6. Was talking to a "Blastie" fan and he was impressed by the lad.
  7. Beechwood Park playing surface getting the full work for next season.
  8. Have Darvel came out yet and apologized for the recent racism
  9. Craig McCracken, Tarek Abed, Gareth Armstrong, Scott Schoneville and Mick Wardrope all extended their contracts.
  10. Ross Urquhart has been placed on the open to transfer list at Talbot. Decent player,what I saw of him.
  11. your right Andy this banger is a hoot!
  12. According to the Dervel twitter it was Darvel 0 The Visitors 5.
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