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  1. Even so Madron should have had 2 goals, Scott etc. There's playing bad and there's not taking sitters.
  2. You are totally correct. Livi have given us 2 hard games already and we were fortunate to draw with them in the 1st one. Yet, they are not very good week in week out since. Ideally a good confidence boosting win before we face the Fakes.
  3. The team gave it a real shot but ultimately it didn't get a good result. SR interview though was fab and telling. He praises the players, mentions where it could have worked out better but ultimately his passion to win and the hurt of losing tells us everything we need to know. He will be planning on making us better. Look at where we are now from when he arrived. Focus now on getting above Killie and finishing there. Win against Livi will be a very good next step...
  4. Beat them and get Morton in the next round... Well it won't be Well.
  5. Not according to the football panel. Outcome: Claim Dismissed. A1 - Serious Foul Play; the original sanction is re-imposed with immediate effect. £500 fee forfeited to be paid within 30 days
  6. If he's wrong, and he is, it is his fault not ours.
  7. It is within our grasp. We play 3 bottom teams next - time to make our move, then stay ahead. Bigger money, greater achievement, more attractive to summer signings etc etc.
  8. There in lies the problem in professional football at least in Scotland. The standard of refereeing is far too low, and often their arrogance compounds their ignorance.
  9. Disappointed with the ref last night. Think Bolton's booking should not have been and even the var team question the red. Both times he played the ball and both were 50/50s - Dee players reactions were "cheat like" too. And Toyosi's goal was not that tight yet both officials weren't going to give it. 2 league wins on the spin, let's make it 3
  10. The Fact that Henderson can't get game time at RC tells you he is not good enough at this level. He'll drop down a league next season. Hibs lost £3.9 million last season. Eye-watering consider how mediocre they have been.
  11. My point was none of those were considered a big loss in terms of what they offered going forwards considering their big wages. Hemming doing fab. Guys like Bolton and other CB's too, and up front were moving on too - all i suspect with wages budget being better spent. Goga I believe is worth a big wage for what he will likely continue to offer us. The man is a Gladiator .
  12. We've let big earners go previously? Carson, Brophy, Gallagher, Main, Big Joe etc. Truth is though most of them were aging and/or less likely to produce the goods week in week out. Goga is different. Only 29. He is strong and fit. Gives 100 % every week, and can contribute at both ends of the park. With the extra Euro money we can afford to make him a decent offer and he clearly loves it here. He is a fans favourite for all the right reasons. I think he'll sign on again, it's good for all parties.
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