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  1. Poplatnik perhaps? I have no idea if he's available, just a shit attempt at speculating on my part
  2. Can someone please explain the background to these lifetime season tickets?
  3. Does anyone know (probably not) whether the coaches organised by Rovers will stop off somewhere during the journey?
  4. Does it not get tiring being so negative all the time?
  5. I'm assuming season tickets don't apply in home playoff matches?
  6. I was going to ask the same question. If I recall previously, the advice was to park on Robertson Road just next to Dunfermline Cemetery (and the Bellyeoman area), and then take the short walk south through the cemetery to East End Park.
  7. It was the attitude in the second half yesterday that was the most concerning aspect. Brown and Millen were the two most disappointing for me, but I appreciate they've been really good for us across the whole of the season so far. If the performance yesterday was a one-off then the players could easily be excused for having an off day. However, aside from the Dundee Utd match we've had some fairly lacklustre defensive performances for a few games now. The Dunfermline match is a perfect opportunity to arrest this with a confident, assured performance. I'd like to see more use of the central midfield and defensive options on our substitutes bench to hold on to winning positions when we're not chasing a game. It's natural to be disappointed after the last two results, however it needs to be seen in the context of an overall great season so far. Still plenty of reason to be optimistic for the second half of the season.
  8. The latest Oh No No No podcast video is available: https://youtu.be/I9DLS3mMwb4?si=QxgB_hFtoK9d8HCf
  9. Thanks for sharing that post match video link from X (urgh!). Somehow it's not on YouTube.
  10. I don't wish to be defeatist on a currently hypothetical situation, but say we were promoted and required to install a grass pitch, then were relegated back to the Championship, that could significantly financially harm us in the short and medium term for one season in the Premiership.
  11. I love this team. Special, special, special mentality and determination.
  12. The atmosphere our young fans bring to matches is, overall, welcome. However, I was glad today that this nonsense of running onto the pitch was, mostly (apart from 4-5 idiots), controlled. Most of the youngsters were disciplined, content enough to just gather at the bottom, and they do heighten the atmosphere, there is no doubt about that. It's uncomfortable booing your own fans, but I think overall it was right that those 4 or 5 idiots who did run onto the pitch were booed and, essentially, shamed. There is one kid in particular who is a wee bit of a ringleader, and if I were the club I'd be finding out who he is and having a wee word with his parents (assuming he's got a free season ticket linked to an adult). Back to the match, not a great performance by any means for most of the 90 minutes, a poor referee, but a great goal by Gullan and finally we have broken the ICT curse in the league. I hope Stanton isn't hurt too badly and is back for the next match. Only 5 games in, but we have every reason to be confident about the season ahead. Come on the Rovers!
  13. I was initially lost for words when I read that. It might be worth keeping thoughts like this to yourself? Just a suggestion.
  14. I've just listened to Murray's post-match interview. Interestingly, about half way through he says he suspects he knows why the injuries have been so bad and persistent throughout the season, but wants to keep that to himself for now. What on earth could he mean by that?
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