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  1. Been a poor opening half an hour, no keeper really tested, a draw could be seen by anyone
  2. So someone makes a solid point replying to your original comments and thats all you can think of to reply with? Just shows you know absolutely nothing and that your either really ignorant to whats going on or a baseless troll.
  3. I don't know about anyone else, but seeing the club in this bad of a situation is truly heartbreaking. Everyone can see the problems, yet nothing can realistically be done. The board & manager will continue to pass the blame and essentially bullshit the fans further which in turn is only making things worse, its a vicious cycle which is going to come to a head at some point, there is only so much the fans can take before alot decide to pack it in. Troubling times.
  4. Stranraer seem to be in a bit of a mess on the pitch, but with us you dont seem to know what version of dumbarton are going to show up, fair play to anyone who goes down there tomorrow night..
  5. I have got no problems with signing some players up for next season, unfortunately under Farrell I doubt the aim for promotion is even going to be there, Mckay seems happy enough for us to be where we currently are which is concerning to say the least. However with that said, i'd honestly prefer if we only signed a few from this squad for next year, its like farrell himself has accepted how shite we actually are and is happy to re-sign utter pish such as Ryan blair & David wilson. Concerned to see who else signs on as well.
  6. Why does it seem that the club are struggling to do the basics correctly? Does it hurt to proof read something before publishing it?
  7. This. There has to he some sort of visible reaction from fans that shows they have simply had enough, I've been down most weeks regardless of form but its coming to the point of not going until a change happens.
  8. Watching this all unfold and I am getting the same feeling, the comment was certainly over the line but from what I heard of the reaction of the big guy it seems to have made it a bigger thing. Personally I do feel like it should be a word to the supporter, apology & move on but I feel that may not happen. The lad is a regular and from my limited interaction with the group of lads im thinking of, they are actually decent boys. Hopefully it doesn't boil over to be something that it doesn't have to be.
  9. I won't repeat what was shouted, however it looked to me as if the boy regretted it as soon as it was shouted. He remained relatively quiet after it, i'd imagine he probably is regretting it himself as far as I know hes been a supporter for a while and is usually a regular home & away, I think its one of those things thats he just said it without thinking, possibly had a few drinks (no excuse by the way, but we have all done or said something stupid while pished) and that it'll be dealt with in whatever stevie/club sees fit. Hopefully that is the end of it and that in interest of all parties involved that it isnt repeated down the line.
  10. I can see it being a small minority of the younger supporters as I have witness them giving farrell and co some abuse in the past, however they do need to watch themselves as it has just went over that line a few times, mind you I do think they are just having some aggression towards farrell and it had blown over with a few drinks in them however it is totally unacceptable and I can only wish that they do recognise that difference and that they refrain from saying anything that personally offends.. i do hope something is sorted out behind that... Only time will tell I suppose
  11. I was near the boys that had gave farrell some abuse and I think it was in relation to his wife, I could be wrong because I wasn't near enough however it did seem like a personal jibe, again I couldnt confirm it however it did seem to push that line for when it becomes personal
  12. The potential is there, hes a great striker when hes fit, however you'll be lucky to get him fit on a regular basis, constantly injured for us and previously with Albion Rovers. I'd imagine if he can stay fit he will be a good signing for yous
  13. Doubt he will play again, hasn't been the first time a player stopped for "work commitments" only to never been seen in a sons shirt again.
  14. Honestly it seems as if there is such a discourse between the Supporters and the Management team, I do feel that supporters are well behind the players but have absolutely no faith in Farell & co, I didn't attend the Meet the manager Q&A but I heard there was some improvement on the relationship between fans & management, but after today any supporter I spoke to (which was a fair few might I add!) Agreed that the management should of been gone a long time ago, baffled as to how the supporters can see that but the board cant! Its crazy!
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