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  1. Should we be concerned that Cillian Sheridan was driving along Marshall Place yesterday.
  2. I’m sure he looked pretty decent for the Queens Park side that were nearly promoted.
  3. Going by the Richards offer, I guess the plan is to loan Sinclair to the championship next season?
  4. Any one worked out who the mystery signing at Ross County game was then?
  5. Travelling to Inverness was literally the best thing about the championship.
  6. If numbers are low by close of play today they could always announce McPhersons contract extension to generate a buzz for the game.
  7. Pathetic display, as expected. Echo everyone else on delaying the inevitable, not a chance we go to Motherwell and win. Phillips could have the ball on the goal line and still manage to stick it over the bar.
  8. Keeping Queen’s Park up was a bigger achievement than winning the double so that offer must be round the corner.
  9. Are you not supposed to sign a bunch of academy kids on loan when you qualify for Europe?
  10. Congrats and enjoy, getting pumped off some diddy team is much more enjoyable in the sun than in fife.
  11. The welcome probably lost its pub title when it started providing napkins and toilet roll.
  12. At least when we’re on the road to Greenock next season we can reminisce on that opening 15 minutes away to Livi.
  13. I’m quite content with Rooneys final moment in a saints shirt being the end of the play off final, perfect way to sign off.
  14. 19 years ago today Coyle was announced, can anyone remember their initial thoughts?
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