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  1. He did a pre match interview back in January for the Dundee game. https://youtu.be/S_gSywPOXPY?feature=shared
  2. Two year deal for Josh Rae. Honestly thought he was older than 23, so quite happy with picking him up.
  3. Sports in general is different compared to normal jobs. If a player isn't performing for their team, whether that be due to injury or just playing poorly, of course a player can expect a reduced offer compared to what they previously had. They have to earn the money they make. Saints are a contractor who will offer what they feel is fair value to what the player brings.
  4. So that leaves: McGowan Gordon Parker Wright McPherson Phillips Carey Sprangler Steven Still to be confirmed.
  5. Honestly quite like the gold accents. It's not great, but not terrible either.
  6. That's how I feel about it. I would rather the club take punts on cheap young players who have something to prove rather than some 30yo has been who wants a final payday.
  7. I would hope, whether it's Levein or Kirk choosing the match day tactics/lineups, that they've learned and are more willing to use different setups like they've done with the 4231 we used the last couple games. I'm not completely against a 352, but it should be used in the right circumstances.
  8. Went to a United game with my grandad a few weeks back, and thought McClelland looked good, was far better than he was for us to start the season and seemed faster as well. Is it maybe possible he had some sort of niggle when he joined which slowed him a touch? If not it's possibly just match fitness.
  9. I agree with people that I wouldn't hate Levein becoming more of a chief scout/DoF - especially with American owners who likely can't commit full time to Saints. His signings in January give me hope that a more full scale rebuild would have a higher chance of working.
  10. Aye that makes sense, I was thinking more like.. Mitov Wright - McGowan - Gordon - Keltjens Smith - Phillips - MacPherson Sidibeh - Clark - Carey
  11. I wouldn't have Nicky Clark starting this game, as much as Levein backs him, Kimpioka and Sidibeh are in far better form. Clark had two brilliant chances to put us ahead vs Livi, at the start and very end of the game, and missed both. I'd rather have Kimpiokas pace over Clarks decision making at the moment.
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