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  1. I think the last few weeks, especially since Ryan Wallace left, he's stepped up and started to perform more consistently. If I'm honest, I reckon he'd have been released at end of season if his form hadn't improved.
  2. Totally agree. Couldn’t understand why the keeper was getting all the abuse. He had no other options as nobody dropping short for it.
  3. I think the club ban is a fair assessment. When I read it I genuinely didn’t think much of it until I saw someone post about the Trust perspective. I’m amazed, that someone who has admitted guilt (of derogatory terms to a player of Dumbarton FC) can be banned from stadium but still hold a position on the trust board. given the zero tolerance announcement from the trust, it’s not a good look.
  4. The guys has admitted guilt. I like your commitment to your mate, but all accept he’s been out of order in some shape or form
  5. I know it wasn’t a classic game but I actually quite enjoyed that game. As the game went on I felt we were the most likely to win. Thought Gallagher Lennon had a great game at left back. Only word of note was that although the Young Sons are great, I think some of them forgot what ground they were in with a couple of songs in first half
  6. Forecast isn’t that bad. A few showers by looks of it but nothing major. Pitch will be crap but doubt any risk to game.
  7. Good victory on a terrible pitch. Thought Mark Durnan had a cracking game. Lovely 2nd goal.
  8. Just let us enjoy the night. We’ll all be back to being totally miserable tomorrow
  9. No matter your intentions, nobody on this forum has mentioned what the allegations are or anyone involved in the incident. You’ve just came on and named the player and his family. You might be trying to stick up for your pal but you’re just making it worse.
  10. If the allegations are as what I’ve heard, then this is going to an absolute horrific look for the club. not to mention the poor player who is completely innocent in the whole thing.
  11. Have I missed something? When was Wilson given a new contract?
  12. I’d agree we can’t give anyone a game. Double edged sword, you need the quality to entice more quality. but, atleast there’s some people in there behind the scenes who are looking to get some kind of quality in through the door rather than just giving anyone who turns up to training a game. however, at under 20s, most “top quality” players are already snapped up. But there is still quality in there in particular players who’ve maybe been released by the bigger clubs and looking for another chance to establish themselves.
  13. In defence of the youth setup. I’d agree the standard isn’t the best (possibly with exception of Smallwood, Vata, McMenemy & Longster who I’ve seen a few times and look good players), however, there has been a good bit of movement over the last couple of months to try and get it right behind the scenes. It’ll take time, as what they’ve picked up was a bit of a mess. Also, worth noting that the majority of those players last night were either 17 or 18 years old and a good few had only just stepped up from the 19s. However, it’ll only really get better once there’s proof of players getting their chance with first team which will entice more players to join, plus to have some sort of 3G setup where they can train and play would be a massive help.
  14. Ignoring the fact that it's very hard to believe any of this will happen, let's say it did and the capital was raised to install a new astro pitch. What happens in approx 10 years? An astro pitch only lasts for a period of time, how would we fund a replacement?
  15. Good victory for the young team in the local derby. Clydebank 1 Dumbarton 4
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