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  1. I noticed Rayan Mohammed posted a picture of him at the Burnley training ground. I don’t know if he’s on a trial at Burnley or it’s a friendly with the academy against each other. Wouldn’t be against not signing another striker as we may have enough. Docherty may be happy and may even keep Richardson as apart of the squad. If we were to sign a striker I’d hope he was young prospect or an experienced striker who isn’t required to start.
  2. Dodgson was decent going forward and would take him back. Costelloe I doubt would want to come back even if we wanted him. Bevan isn’t ready. They have Agyei who is decent but we don’t play with wingers. It depends on the the clubs ambitions. This season is another year for teams outside old firm to challenge for cups and European places so he may want better. I think the striker needs to be a permanent as another loan would mean one of him or Palmer Houlden will be unhappy probably. It’s likely to be Main, Murray, Tiffoney, SPH and one other which would mean 3 strikers likely on the bench depending on what formation we play.
  3. I watched him when I heard we were getting a loan from Norwich. He’s quick and powerful. I wasn’t expecting another loan player for striker as we have quite a few decent strikers.
  4. Motherwell have recently also brought in a few Australians. The best finds from abroad have been Portales, Zdravkovski and Vargas were successful last season.
  5. There could have been a good player in Pineda. He just kept picking up injuries like Reilly. He had a loan move ready in Ireland but he got injured and couldn’t go.
  6. I’ve got a lot of sources some reliable and some hit or miss. 1 data analysis/recruitment agency. Another is a scout. One is an agent and one gets his info when he’s at hospitality for his team. The agent says players to gather interest in his. It can’t be Gomes sorry as he’s got a new team.It must be another Gomes and I’ll ask my friend when I see him to confirm who it was. I Googled Gomes Spanish 2nd division but it can’t be him. The Watford Loan will definitely happen.
  7. Probably not then. He seemed sure too. Maybe it’s someone of a similar profile.
  8. That St a Johnstone away kit is awful. I can’t I see the massive H on the kit.
  9. You have got the players to play a back 4. It would mean an extra man in midfield which you have decent options. Kettlewell does seem to like the back 5.
  10. From what I seen from Motherwell yesterday I think that you may need another CB but unsure who you would drop out. Another striker with experience would be a smart move. I think if you dominate possession you will do well this season but off the ball I think the team is quite weak.
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