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Any of you with AOL?

I joined in December and since then they have reduced by bill from £19.99 to £17.99 and I got an email yesterday saying they were doubling my connection speed at no extra cost.

I know aol sometimes gets a bad name but I certainly have no complaints.

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Genuine question, what packages are you all on? ie speed, download limits.

BT have just announced there going to do the same, but it seems only to those who have capped download limits.

Hhmmm limit the amount you can download then double your speed so you can hit the limit twice as fast <_<:unsure:<_<

At the end of the day, AOL suck! Theyve always sucked and they will always suck! :lol:

Edited cause I cant spell this early in the day

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i love aol been with them years never had a problem,there doubling my speed from 512 to 1 mb with no extra cost,i think its great

Each to their own ... but they still suck :P:lol:

My provider freedom2surf have just announced their doubling the download limits. They already offer 512, 1mb or 2mb speeds for the same price.

Be warned, the speed you'll get very much depends on how far away you are from the telephone exchange. Even if AOL double your speed, you might not notice :( Thats whats making me debate whether its worth regrading <_<

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