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Top 5 Places You'd Like To Visit

Metric 'Ton

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As is any city, if you visit the wrong parts!

Some experiences you want to share?  :rolleyes:


Was there for 2 weeks with work just before that first Earth summit. Stayed in a hotel on the Copacabana. Couldn't move (and were advised not to) anywhere off the main drag. The shanty towns creeping up most hills were an unpleasant reminder of the incredible squalor that most people were living in. While eating out in the open-air restaurants, amputees would come up and display their stumps to gain a few bob off you. Incessantly. The papers (and the gossip) were full of stories as to where the street kids had suddenly 'got' to.

It may have changed, though ;)

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Guest thebullywee


Solomon Islands

Pitcairn Island (the last British dependancy in the south pacific)

Brasilia as my cousin lives there and says its nice

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

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I've harboured that dream for years, but I reckon the dream would fizzle out in the boredom of the Mid-West!


Route 66 goes through some of the dreariest places in the US. I still want to travel up Hi-way 1 from San Francisco up to Portland, Oregan.

In addition:

Patagonia and the Inca ruins in Peru


New Orleans


Of course, I'd give all of that up to go back to San Francisco.

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