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Mrcat1990 Cup xbox360


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Noticed that since the release of Fifa 14 nobody has run a tournament so... aye.. lets do it. Four star max teams. Will set close date for week today when ill make the draw. Whose game?



Saints Bevy Squad





Ulises de la Cruz




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That's the minimum in now. Unless another 8 join then that's us set. Pm your first choice team and a second choice. Will do draws on teams if any first choices clash.

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The Draw


Ulises De La Cruz - Ajax Vs SuperTon - CSKA Moscow

Lex - Athletic Bilbao Vs mrcat1990 - Cameroon

wellfan09 - Shakhtar Donetsk Vs Feltcrayfish - Denmark

Turbo_dee - Shakhtar Donetsk Vs Saints Bevy Squad - Chile

So there we go folks. The only clash of teams were Turbo_dee and wellfan09 but luckily they weren't drawn together. Can you all pm each other to organise games then post results match reports on here. I tried to set up a private league so we wouldn't have to add each other as XBL mates, however the option doesn't appear to be available on FIFA 14. If someone can let me know if the option exists then I'll set up the lobby. Otherwise good luck y'all!

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