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I'm not saying there is a majority on here (Although there is) and I'm not saying every single Rangers fan is voting based on their club, but a very sizeable number are. And it seems to me the majority of them are voting based on which football club they support, a club deep-rooted in 'Britishness'. Think it's a disgrace and only serves to highlight what an embarrassing club they are.

That goes for Celtic fans that are 'voting Yes' because of who they support too, or anyone in general that is voting based on their football teams 'ethos' although I have to say, I haven't noticed it at all in my experience with Celtic fans although I'm sure there must be a percentage as with any club.

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Casual Bystander, on 26 Aug 2014 - 18:33, said:

So this thread, Which football fanbase is most pro/anti independence?, which already has over 180 replies isn't good enough for you?

Never noticed that thread, which I appear to have posted in! I'll lock this one then.

For the last time, following Rangers has got absolutely f*ck all to do with me voting No on the 18th, give it a rest for f*cksake, !!!!

Did I say you in particular?! The club you support certainly is influencing a large percentage of its followers though.

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