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Adidas pred accelerator 1998 release £200


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Sounds like it's the new 1s that just got released only 500 pair of each style sold mate, they are modern material but same old design

Shouldn't you be out training or something? Stop coming on here spoiling things with facts, you aint Rab, are you? ;)


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We have this week off training to many work night outs, think 7 of 20s are playing this Saturday work night outs take priority .....

:lol::lol: :lol:

Trying to play Mickey at his own game?

Somehow I don't think he'll fall for it.

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Folk queueing for Adidas shoes on Thursday and they didn't get released till Sunday.

And its been Baltic every night, crazy.

Its the folk who pay this sort of prize for newer boots but cant match their price with skill.

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