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  1. What qere the costs involved for a 20 seat stand
  2. He's as equally thought of as an idiot by many at sandys as he is on here, the trainspotting dialect is not the sign of an above average iq..genuinely best ignored mate
  3. Can you imagine what he's like away from the keyboard...the 2022 Adrian mole
  4. Nae corner flags players covered in dug shit and pumped oot the Scottish in the first round...fken priceless
  5. Tip for Musselburgh fans,do not reply to this fken idiot....
  6. I've litterly no idea how low we could possibly go..according 2 the 2 sheet no subs today,please tell me thats a printer error
  7. Only one man getting himself upset on here, your patter is shan pal
  8. Jack kane centre, lmfa..in amoungst aw the dug shite. Is it the Scottish
  9. Another wannabe in the know poster,who knows fk all...fact
  10. The 1000 post was information, your not genuinely doing the counting twitter followers, you are either 17 or a bedroom hermit,, no.inbetween
  11. Im posting on the facts, we will take your claim he was offered the job with the same pinch of salt we took when you told us he would be in by fri and you would take great delight in being proved correct
  12. I'd have a look at my 1000 posts to see how upset anyone on here gets me, the trainspotting dialogue is particularly impressive
  13. And the day before you're proclaiming to the world how you were going to prove everyone wrong and he would be in charge by Friday, utter windbag
  14. Has he signed any sandys superstars yet
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