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Predictions 20/12/14

Mr Hardy

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Lowland League

Selkirk 1-4 Gretna

League Cup

Threave 2-1 Dalbeattie

Vale 1-2 Gala

Edin Univ 1-2 Stirling Uni

Preston 2-3 East Kilbride

BSC Glasgow 2-2 Edin. City

Whitehill 1-2 Spartans

PS Now I have a bit of time on my hands over the Christmas holidays, I'll get the table up to date.

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Lowland League

Selkirk 2-5 Gretna

League Cup

Threave 3-1 Dalbeattie

Vale P-P Gala

Edin Univ 2-2 Stirling Uni

Preston P-P East Kilbride

BSC Glasgow P-P Edin. City

Whitehill 2-2 Spartans

Hastily rearranged match not sure if league / cup or friendly

East Kilbride 3 BSC Glasgow 1

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