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Just saw a trailer for this on Sky. The concept sounded utterly ridiculous so I had to go and check it out. I've watched one episode so far. Basically animals start attacking people across the world. At the end of the first episode they found a large group of cats outside an elementary school where the first day of a summer camp is due to be held :shutup

I'm expecting the show to get more and more crazy as the animal attacks start to escalate in scope and size.

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Looks utter shite.

It is but I'm wanting to see how utterly insane it gets.

In episode two...

Sadly the great massacre at the elementary school failed to happen. One man was killed by a pack of dogs in Slovenia though. Looks like some evil corporation will be behind it all though.

The cat attack would have had to be something special to compete with Metalocalypse own killer kitties.

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