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made it at last


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Well it's official now, Berwick rangers are now the worst team in the land, the only surprise is it took so long. Not content with winning promotions and exceptional cup runs the mouthy mob who knew best have dragged their (Ha! Ha!, in their eyes) club to the very depths of the leagues with the poorest crowds in living memory,well done.

They did not know when they had it good, chasing out their most successful manager ever along with owners and directors who have gone on to glory days elsewhere.

Still, we can all continue to listen to red pist who will continue to moan but will not be putting his hand in his pocket to help, it's the likes of him who have driven good men from the club with their continual moaning no matter if the club were top or bottom, well you've dragged them all the way down now. Maybe now you and your mob will realize just how lucky you all were in the past when you had committed directors and managers who took the club to heights you can only dream of now, maybe you should beg the likes of the Smiths, Curles and Wilsons of this world to offer you help and advice on how to run a successful club. I told you all many times in the past that the mouthy mob would drag your club all the way down, but you knew best, you thought they were leading you to the promised land. Well if the promised land is the east of Scotland league you may well be right.

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