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Scottish Fitbaw

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Fu* king blootered after a good lads wedding in Portobello today. Begged the band to play sunshine on leith and they didn't know the song the b*****ds. 

Back in Clydebank on YouTube full blast watching the Hibees doing Scotland proud, the Well Bois at fir hill with since I was young and twist and shout at Ibrox, Aberdeen fans at Celtic park with 40,000 mental sheep winning a cup, tynecastle going mental in general, rangers fans singing penny arcade, Celtic fans doing the chant at rugby park, ICt and county winning cups.

How fucking tremendous are us Scottish football fans? How can anyone not enjoy our League??!! 

Looking forward to another amazing season boys, getting slagged to f**k for being an OF dick on here and mostly watching the Rodgers revolution. 

Fucking Passion and Pricde above billions of pounds any day of the week.

bed time 



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