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2 minutes ago, Waspie said:

Sonraichte math! 

The old pic of the Recs is from the Britain from Above site, and the gazebo came from Glamorgan County CC. The old terrace is now part of the Clackmannanshire Bridge.

Tapadh leibh a'bhalaich :thumsup2

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4 hours ago, Tulloch Gorum said:

 A bheil Gàidhlig aig a h-uile duine an seo?  Cho math sa ghabhas. 


2 hours ago, The Mantis said:


But I don't want to restrict the market for clicks :lol:

Coma leinn luchd na Beurla ;)

Bha an da phios mu na h-Eileanan Farach fior mhath cuideachd. Blog cho math sa th' ann. 

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