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Top of the League Hibernian v Play off hopefuls Dundee Utd

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2 minutes ago, Shadow Play said:

Martin Boyle is good enough when playing against Championship sides like United.  I don't think he'll be good enough for Hibs next season though.

Fair point, I think up front and width are the only areas in our squad that wouldn't be good enough next season.

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Well that was utter dugshite. Feel McKinnon has done a good job up to now but he got it very wrong tonight and must take a large portion of blame for the result. Wrong formation, too long to change it and too long to make the subbies. Not a single positive to take from the game as we were well and truly shat on. For Hibs I thought Bartley was outstanding and it must be great to have a fast winger who knows how to use his pace. All and all....... fucking boo!!!!

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Boyle reminds me of a young Tam McManus, pace to burn and some outrageous goals out of nothing but when he has to think he's prone to baws up which makes it a pleasant surprise when he doesn't and also uses his pace to take defenders out the game leading for space for others.  I thought he was good tonight, clearly doesn't like the Arabs much. 

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2 minutes ago, King Dom's Moustache said:


What you on about ya slaver?

I'm going to guess at:


Stokesy's on fire.

Warburtons a fanny


All created by Hibernian fans on 21/5/16.

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3 minutes ago, Bonksy+HisChristianParade said:

I've also noticed Hibs becoming more and more Timmy as a club. Sad to see.

It's true. Top of the league with a bunch of diddy clubs below us.

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Our cries for change have been answered. The two pacy wingers aiding a high-pressure game was too much for a slow & ponderous United side. The ability to switch up the setup with Boyle & Humphrey proved decisive. 

Each player carried out their jobs effectively and were mostly faultless; Bartley was flawless. He broke down counter-attacks by herding Tangerines and peeling the ball away from them; Bartley switched the momentum swiftly and sailed through a sea of bodies when dealing with a difficult ball. He was instrumental in our fast tempo and pressure which worked wonders down the wing. Precise in the pass and the challenge, he was the polar opposite of his last game.

The forwards & midfield defended better than our defence and left them little to do until the second half. Dundee United could have caused a problem for a narrow Hibs side, but they were completely overwhelmed by the wide, high-pressing Hibs. Without the wingers, we would have had far more to do at the back; lifting the pressure off Gray & Stevenson to provide the width enabled them to focus on condensing Utd's forwards and left United with fewer options when breaking. With Bartley buffering their breaks forward, we were able to execute a setup that United weren't setup to deal with: they looked unprepared for the way Hibs played and perpetually perplexed with how to play against us. A clinical Cummings and a solo super meg from McGinn provided the quality upfront needed to perfect our persistent pressing play.

Lennon won the battle before a ball was kicked as McKinnon had no answer to Hibs' style & setup, which was carried out with conviction. It was a prompt & promising response to the previous game against United.

Lennon appears to have identified our recent issues and responded with Commons, who offers a good delivery at corners & freekicks; Humphrey complements our compact central style and his pace out wide completes our squad. By completing the squad, which I believe we have, Boyle can now play as one of two proper wingers, Gray & Stevenson have more presence at the back, Cummings receives more favourable delivery, Bartley has an outlet ahead of him, etc. (Or we can revert to a more familiar formation when needed.) We are currently capable of mixing up the game without sacrificing an area by using 'makeshifts'. Lennon made the correct calls with the changes too as Keatings & McGinn provided drive through the centre at a time when the forwards were tiring and Bartley had been booked. The way in which we won was undoubtedly due to how we setup and started the game, United weren't able to settle and were unable to respond until we left them space to manoeuvre in the second half. By then, Hibs could have tried to retain possession but looked intent on scoring more whilst United struggled to get near our box. United's questionable response will leave McKinnon looking for answers other than throwing in the towel and hammering into the ***-Hammerers.



Winging it with a rock in the middle and a hero in behind - resulted in another positive performance from the HIVees. 

And to the 18,000 seats dressed as supporters... Thank You... Thank You... Thank You... Thank You...

Thank You.

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