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South of Scotland League Neglected?

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I know the standard of the South of Scotland League has declined over the years but so has the press reports in recent months?


I seem to recall the Geddes guys who run the DG News and Sport would report on the site of all the results and give reports on games in the league posting them on a Saturday night or early Sunday and also have manager or committee interviews from a club each week. Why has this all changed? Do they not contact clubs now or do clubs not contact them?

All the news we seem to see is the Lowland League reports. Which is ok if you follow Dalbeattie but surely stick to your local League?

I also notice their is no little clippings in the Sun newspaper nowadays either. Used to enjoy the small report. Was it the Geddes guys who done these reports?

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7 hours ago, Aguerooooo said:

Bring back Solway Press Services, now they used to have great reports back in the day.

St Cuthberts won the Cree Lodge Cup last week and their was hardly any publicity for it anywhere.

The timing of the cup final probably didn't help. A Friday night game means it's the best part of a week until it's in the local papers - and on this particular occasion events had somewhat moved on from Saints winning the cup by that stage!

The nationals don't seem to have much interest in the non-league in Scotland unless it's the juniors or they can stir up some disquiet with the pyramid system. The Sun's coverage of the Lowland League has dropped considerably since they stopped sponsoring it.

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