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  1. They've just been promoted to League One but he is far, far too good for them.
  2. I stuck a tenner in last night - good luck!
  3. Even without Mackay there both McInnes and Robinson would be off their heads to take the Hibs job at the moment. They're a bigger club but they're also an utter shambles. On another note, I'm amazed Baccus stayed with us for his full contract. I thought after the first or second time I saw him play there wasn't a hope we would keep him and can't believe no one took a punt on him. Not even as if we were holding out for that much in the grand scheme of things considering Bolton's accepted bid was supposedly only a few hundred grand.
  4. I think that's what it is (I forgot to add the bit about the horrendous cramp in my leg after I'd finally got myself showered which was still sore on Saturday night). Yesterday I did a normal Sunday run and it was like Friday's shambles hadn't happened.
  5. Dalbeattie Star got more points than us this season as well, they'll be after our European spot too!
  6. I had a fucking horrendous run yesterday. I love a long run on a Friday when I've finished work but yesterday's was a shamble almost from the off. Went from needing the loo at the start to having sun cream in my eyes which meant I could barely see. I was sweating heavily after a mile or so (it was warm but not that warm) and half way through I took a gel, which I normally only do during marathon training. That seemed to make me worse and eventually I stopped for a few minutes at traffic lights (even though I could easily cross the road). Kept going for a bit before stopping for a few more minutes, stupidly decided to keep going and a mixture of jogging and walking got me to Aldi so I could get some water. Of course, it's Aldi so the smallest individual bottle I could buy was enough for a family of four. Downed half of it immediately and then probably walked more than jogged the few miles back to my car. Then unwell for an hour or so after I got home - probably no more than runner's belly and guessing having so much water then trying to run probably didn't help my insides! Hopefully it's just a one off - giving blood on Wednesday probably didn't help but I've done that before and run a few days later without too many issues. Thought I'd share this as we have a habit of only sharing good running experiences. Shite days (quite literally after I got home...) can happen to us all.
  7. O'Carrol saying here that Dunne is away (as well as the two Aussies). No indication of whether it's his or the club's decision: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/in-your-area/renfrewshire/st-mirren-trio-set-buddies-32835929 As for the away kit, not really a fan of the light blue (although doesn't look too bad on the training kit). Would prefer we stay away from blue or green to be honest, although an Inter Milan style strip would be quite cool. If it's not going to be red or black, have something a bit wild like pink or purple - or something like the yellow kit poz was involved in a decade ago.
  8. He scored two hat-tricks at Broadwood, coincidentally both in light blue strips! The Airdrie one was in 1997-98, there was also one against Clyde in 2002-03.
  9. Rooney should be a great signing now that he's finally here - remember him being on trial with us under Ian Murray. Good to get that position sorted early. Thank god I was out last night. When I saw the score for the first time it was 2-2 and I was unimpressed so can only imagine how it was for those who'd been following it from the start. Glad it's done and dusted and we can relax a bit tonight. Hope Baccus and Strain can get a nice send off. I don't care that it's the Conference, that we'll probably get some team I've never heard of and I don't care that they'll inevitably pump us (well, maybe hold off on that last one), seeing us in Europe was one of the few things left on my Saints bucket list. Winning the Scottish Cup and one of our current players representing Scotland are probably the only things left on it now. Just a shame that my dad's not been around to enjoy the last couple of years and I imagine pretty much everyone else on here can think of folk who are sadly no longer with us to experience this.
  10. The worst thing for us is Fabio Silva is fit.
  11. Probably a good deal assuming it's a decent hotel - we're about the same per person for seven nights B&B in Kos next month. You've got an extra four nights for the same. Was in Puerto de la Cruz about 15 years ago for a week. A day at the parrot park and a trip to Mount Teidi probably worthwhile.
  12. He's barely had a chance for us so I have no idea if he's going to be any good or not. For anyone to have already made their mind up the guy is both nuts and unsurprising. I don't remember him having the ball yesterday, let alone doing something bad with it - whereas Jamieson was very frustrating as his delivery was poor. As I mentioned on the match thread, McMenamin was also frustrating as he kept having to switch back onto his left foot, but it wasn't his fault he was being played on the right.
  13. Terrible from us for the goal. Too much space for Watkins and for Vassell to have all that time to take a touch is criminal. Not a great deal of attacking options on the bench so swap Olusanya and McMenamin around. Two or three times McMenamin should have fired in a first time cross and had to switch it onto his left.
  14. Did we get as far as making an offer to him? Think Palace had turned down our initial offer.
  15. Reading the World Soccer Euros preview they expect Anders Dreyer - a member of the cast of thousands that we had in the 2018/19 season - to be part of the Denmark squad. Nicolai Brock-Madsen curiously absent, with Hladky an outsider for the Czech squad.
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