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  1. Maybe I'm over egging it. Pretty sure earlier in the year there was reports of huge losses and big problems if you didn't come straight back up. You're right that it shouldn't be remarkable, it shows that United are prepared to spend a few quid though. There's no way a right back with fitness issues is going to be your marquee signing.
  2. Strain is a good signing, we really noticed when he was out the team last year. Dundee United must be throwing a few quid about. Were all those stories of impending doom going about nonsense?
  3. It's so much better. It's being brought in in England but the chances of it making it to Scotland any time soon are nil. I still think that the precision takes away from the point of offside, I don't see what advantage is gained by someone's knee being a couple of centimetres further forward. I feel I say this all the time but strikers (and indeed defenders) can no longer look along a line and know if the attacking player is on or offside.
  4. Definitely the best draw from the teams we could've got. Iceland is maybe a bit pricey and the Albanian team could be tricky to get to but hopefully we can take a good number of fans over.
  5. I know, but if we draw a team in Wales or Ireland and get turned over it would be a total damp squib. One of the Baltic teams would be my preference, would they fall into our region as they're northern Europe or is it an east/west thing?
  6. We absolutely should've been better, tighter on our men, in their faces a bit more. Also, Gunn was suspect a few times. But Germany were miles better and put in an unbelievable performance. Maybe they won't replicate that in every game, but I fancy them to win the whole thing after watching that.
  7. Like a lot of folk, I think Gunn should've done better at the first, the save leading to the penalty and the 5th goal. He annoyed me at the penalty as well, as Havertz does that stutter all the time and Gunn seemed to go down so early. Maybe I'm being overly critical. I'm not having that Craig Gordon, who's barely kicked a ball in 18 months, is currently a better option though.
  8. Mandron looked like he was running through treacle in his first few games, but - as has been said - he had a very good season. Best striker in years? Possibly, although second season Curtis Main was excellent. I'd take both Thompson and Higdon over both of them. We picked Mandron up for free after he'd been hunted by Motherwell, if we get a few bob for him I'd be confident that Robinson could find a decent replacement.
  9. I particularly like this quote “Anybody that thinks we are way behind the curve in Europe or so forth needs to go and visit some of these other countries because when I do go, all I hear about are the challenges they’re having with VAR." Great argument, VAR is shite in other countries too, so lets stick with it.
  10. These clowns, including Sunak, have been happy enough to portray themselves as super patriotic, and ride that particular tiger, so I have no sympathy when he gets bitten.
  11. I can't remember anything like it. Gordon Brown's 'bigoted woman' comment was pretty bad, although lots of people agreed with the comment. Sunak has finally united the country. The guy is just very bad at politics. Over promoted in a ridiculously short space of time and every time he opens his mouth we can see that. A no mark MP, who was propelled to the front line due to Johnson wanting nodding dogs in his cabinet, somehow winds up as PM. Useless.
  12. Binned by Christmas. Actually, binned in February just after the transfer window shuts.
  13. I'm pretty sure the Morecambe fans were disappointed to lose him. I can understand Sunderland fans being underwhelmed but given they've had Jack Ross, Lee Johnston, and Michael Beale in recent years, maybe Robinson is exactly the level that they're at. Would there be many fans in Scotland that would take any of those mentioned over Robinson? I still don't think it will happen for what it's worth.
  14. I'd rather Strain went down south or abroad than someone in our league, but I'd probably rather have Rooney over him if I'm honest.
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