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Project Fear - How To Improve Scottish Football

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1) Give every team in Scotland 100 million pounds a season.

2) Abolish the Old Firm.

3) Add a winter break

4) Abolish the Challenge Cup and replace it with a European Cup that every team that hasn't qualified for the CL or Europa League gets to play in. 

5) Play one league match a week overseas to boost foreign interest in our game.


Anything else?

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I'll bite.

1)Which magical money tree is his £100 million coming from?

Surely  if it was there the clubs would already have it.

2) Can't see anything wrong with this proposition.

3) Again, I think this is sensible, but has to be the right time. With European ties getting earlier and earlier in summer ( my team played during the first week of Wimbledon!) the league needs to start earlier to give our teams a better start. 

It should be January through to Early March in my opinion as that is generally the worst of the weather.

4) Sorry, terrible idea. Small clubs playing other small clubs in distant places in a third rate competition is not what produces interesting matches or good atmospheres. Who is going to travel to Estonia on a Wednesday night to see their team play a nomark team no one has heard of?

I would suggest the opposite, regionalise the early challenge cup games to increase the amount of derbys, making relatively large away supports more likely.

5) I don't get people's obsession with what people outside Scotland think of our game.

We are not England and our clubs aren't global brands and never will be.

That is both a strength and weakness of Scottish clubs. We will never have the finance of clubs down south but our clubs will also never sell their souls or traditions either. Clubs here still represent and are a focal point for the communities that gave birth to them. 

We need to sell our parochialism as the antithesis to corporate sanitised elite football, not try to be a third rate copy of it.

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