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Stirling Albion v Berwick Rangers

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First home game of 2018 at Forthbank this Saturday for the Albion and its a game we really need to win given our continued slump over the last few weeks. 

Now down to 5th 1 point behind Annan with 2 games in hand.  We need to start picking up the points if we have any realistic ambitions for getting into the playoffs this season especially at home where our form has been poor to say the least.

We have a good chance imo of taking all 3 points against a Berwick side who are not in great form and anything less than a home win on Saturday would be a disaster for us. 

Team wise, Callumn Morrison might be struggling to play this Saturday after being helped off with an injury at Ochilview. Need this new faces in to help us out of our current slump but I don't think we will have anybody in by Saturday, so its up to the current squad of players to get the job done. 

Prediction Albion 1 Berwick 0       Fingers crossed for a home victory. 

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When SAFC met BRFC earlier this season I overheard a couple of Berwick gents at half-time. The middle aged guy said to, I assume, father   " I can't remember Berwick playing that well and being down 0-2. I smugly thought Stirling are going to walk the league this season. Father replied It's a different season when loan periods expire. Wise words. Later they agreed on the lack of meat  filling in their pies. Can't guarantee a feast of football. But as Montrose fans recently testified on P&B, the pies at Forthbank are still of the same quality.

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Cracking day at the office today, well for 58 minutes at least, but what an improvement on what we have had to endure recently.

Comparing us to the team that faced Stenny, it was like night and day. Every player on the park was giving 100%, we were closing down the ball, fighting and scraping and it actually made for a very entertaining game.

Berwick were much improved from the side that John Coughlin brought earlier on in the season, and prior to Darren Smith scoring, the game could of went either way, with us being a little fortunate when the ball hit the inside of our post before Binnie gathered up the loose ball.

Binnie was one of many players that can hold their heads up high tonight. Sure, the whole team gave it their all and looked like the one we saw earlier in the season, but Binnie, Ross Smith, Ross McGeachie, Willie Robertson, Ross Kavanagh and Darren Smith were absolutely fantastic and a pleasure to watch at times.

For those who weren’t there, Mackay went with a clear 3-5-2 formation and the link up play from the front 3 was very impressive throughout. It came as no surprise when MacDonald sent Darren Smith racing clear for the first goal and providing the knock down for the 2nd, although both were nice finishes.

Once the 2nd goal went in the wheels started to come off however, and that will be concerning for Mackay along with Injuries to Black & Noble. We started to allow Berwick far too much time on the ball, gifted them space to play in and were wasteful ourselves.

It was a bit of luck and a few good saves from Binnie, that kept us with the clean sheet.

By and large a good day, and the starting 11 looked to want to play for the gaffer. Caddis came on about midway through the First Half and didn’t do too well, Dickson was anonymous and Banner again impressed.

Back into a Play Off spot, a massively improved performance and a clean sheet, FANTASTIC!!

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Got the win we needed to give the team some confidence. Back into a playoff place 2 points behind Stenny in 3rd with a game in hand.

Felt we were a bit lucky in the later stages of the 2nd half when we allowed Berwick to get back into the game but our luck held out. Good double from Darren Smith and a clean sheet to boot. Not a bad day at the office, go into Peterhead next week with a little bit of confidence.

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2 hours ago, BB_Bino said:

For those who weren’t there, Mackay went with a clear 3-5-2 formation 

More of a 5-2-3 (or 3-4-3 if you include McNeil and Noble as part of the midfield) formation to start with, but reverted to a 3-5-2 when Smith went off for Dickson. 

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