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  1. Any chance of the game being off? Incredibly excited to see Bikey back at the Albion.
  2. We had a wonderful opportunity to not be a club treading water in pishy, pishy league. But as you are well aware theres/ there was too many power hunger coffin dodgers involved with the club. Until we recieve good financial backing, like Alloa, we will continue to be a club treading water.
  3. How could I forget fast Eddie, a majestic gazelle!
  4. David Wilson might be the finest player to grace the game??
  5. If you want to call that a bite then be my guest
  6. Believe its something to do with the womens u19 championships that are on just now.
  7. Its a shame Mike Mulraney has spoiled yet another derby. Will the crowd even reach over 300?
  8. Nice, easy game to start with for the Albion. Kevin Nicol hatrick.
  9. Anna asks Michael for a chat then shouts over him the whole time, whats the point? Curtis has had yet another absolute minter
  10. Hows that big centre half Anna giving Michael a hard time for doing the exact same thing as her?
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